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Version History


Version 2.60 (December 2016):

  • The previoulsy commercial HTML Shrinker Pro software is now available as freeware.


Version 2.60 (December 2002):

All Versions:

  • Bug fixed: Flashing and program freezing occured when some special folders inside the "My Documents" folder were selected.
  • Several script shrinking problems and other bugs were removed
  • Menu icons added

Pro Version only:

  • Up to 50% better shrinking of CSS code
  • Support for VBS files
  • Support for VBS and CSS code on the clipboard
  • HTML Comments are removed from XML files
  • New Rules:
    • Seven new rules for removing empty tags. These rules are activated by default.
    • New "Ignore ASP code" rule
  • New Options:
    • Check box in the Options dialog for ignoring all "_vti_" folders produced by Frontpage when using Shrink All
    • "TCL Double Spaces" shrink option was renamed to "Double Spaces in TCL and VBScript"
  • Ctl + T key shortcut for "Restore All"
  • Bug Fixes:
    • For the Ignore-type rule
    • For the arrow up and down buttons in the Options dialog
    • "Shrink to Folder" feature didn't work correctly with sub folders in some cases.
    • Correct "var declarations" removal in scripts
    • The -f command line option lets you specify a path without a trailing \ now
  • Features for flexibly shrinking different web sites:
    • Features for opening and saving all settings of the Options dialog from/to a HSO file. This allows you to create different sets of shrinking options for different web sites.
    • The "Edit /Add Site" dailogs additionally lets you specify a backup folder, a shrink folder and a HSO file for each site. When choosing a site from the Sites menu they are automatically set.
    • Command line switch for opening a HSO file.

Version 2.50 (February 2002):


  • Shrinking is performed ca. 10% faster, because the shrinking code was further optimized
  • Shrinking of spaces and quotes has been improved
  • New "Empty Lines" shrinking option in the Options dialog
  • Shrinking Presets were added to the Options dialog
  • Script shrinking problems fixed
  • Textarea tags are respected and their content is not shrunken anymore
  • New tab-style Options dialog
  • The Remove options were moved from the main window to the Rules tab of the Options dialog
  • ?-buttons have been placed on all dialogs for displaying the appropriate help file
  • The size of the currently selected file is displayed as a tool tip
  • The text box that displays the shrinking results doesn't have the 32K limit anymore
  • The file attributes readonly, hidden and system are automatically removed from files before shrinking to avoid problems
  • The Restore warning message is only shown once and not everytime when you use "Restore"

Pro Version:

  • Rules feature for defining your own shrinking rules and extending the capabilities of HTML Shrinker
  • The previous Remove options can now be edited in the Rules tab of the Options dialog
  • Several useful rules are already included with HTML Shrinker Pro e.g. for removing meta tags, links, forms, asp code, all tags
  • New Shrinking Options: For making html files produced with MS Office smaller as well as for removing Dreamweaver comments, unnecessary closing tags, unecessary meta tags, doctype tags, var Declarations etc.
  • More control over what is removed from scripts and which comments are removed or not
  • New 'Analyze All' command for analyzing all files in all sub folders
  • 'Analyze' will now analyze all selected files and not just one file.
  • XSL file format supported
  • The Shrink All warning message is only shown once and not everytime when you use "Shrink All"
  • The time that was neeeded to shrink each file is now displayed
  • Several bugs fixed: Command Line feature works under Windows 2000 now; When dragging files or folders from the Explorer to HTML Shrinker the Shrink dialog is now displayed only once (and not for each file like before); Problems that occured when backing up/shrinking/restoring to/from a different folder was fixed


Version 2.01c (April 2001):


  • Window resizing problem fixed
  • File names of shrunken files aren't converted to lower case anymore
  • Quote removal problem in doctype tags fixed
  • Error message doesn't appear anmyore if you shrink the 300th file in the file box
  • File processing problems (e.g. if the html syntax isn't correct) don't lead to a crash anymore

Pro Version:

  • XHTML files are supported
  • Problem with empty tag attributes solved


Version 2.01 (March 2001):


  • The behavior of the folder box has been improved. You only need to click a folder once to select it. Previously you had to double click it.
  • Improved removal of unnecessary spaces. As an effect a display problem in Internet Explorer (a bug ???) is fixed.
  • "Suppress the Backup Dialogs" check box in Options dialog was added for defining an automatic shrinking and restoring option
  • Smaller script shrinking bugs fixed
  • Tabs removal problem fixed
  • Main window is resizable
  • Right clicking the file box will display the File menu as a context menu

Light Version:

  • The Link Request message appears only once and never again now
  • The Pro Version reminder doesn't appears that often anymore

Pro Version:

  • Greatly improved removal of unnecessary spaces. As a consequence the "Perform x shrinking passes ..." option isn't needed anymore.
  • Improved shrinking of end of lines
  • Improved shrinking of VBscript and ASP files
  • Shrinking of TCL scripts added
  • Analyze command for getting detailed information about which elements are removed from a certain file
  • Dragging and dropping files or folders from the Explorer will trigger the Shrink command
  • New "Sacrifice Shrinking Gain for Speed" check box in the Options dialog. If activated HTML Shrinker Pro should work 20% faster in average, but produce 1-2% larger files.
  • Using 'Shrink All' on the c:\ root folder is prohibited to avoid problems. You have to select a sub folder instead.
  • INC was added to the default file types that are processed by HTML Shrinker Pro
  • "Shrink to the following folder" is working correctly now.
  • Right clicking the folder box will display the Sites menu as a context menu
  • Message about the ASP Default Language will pop up only one time when starting HTML Shrinker
  • Bug fixed that occured when shrinking files from the command line
  • New command line switch -i for displaying the Backup dialog before shrinking files


Version 2.0 (January 2001):


  • Improved shrinking of Javascript and PHP scripts
  • Server Side Includes (SSI) problem fixed. They aren't removed anymore.
  • Quotes aren't removed within SSIs anymore
  • Dreamweaver comments aren't removed anymore
  • Frontpage comments aren't removed unless you select it in the Options dialog
  • PageMill's NoEdit tags aren't removed anymore
  • The language attribute of the script tag is evaluated now
  • Empty string bug removed
  • EOLs aren't removed within PRE tags anymore
  • Script and style end tags are removed now when activating the appropriate options on the main window
  • No crash when text box is full or file is 0 byte large
  • Larger dialog
  • New Backup dialog appears before shrinking
  • New Overwrite dialog
  • New 'Show Source' command
  • New 'Edit' menu for quickly selecting many files
  • ESC key for interrupting the shrinking process
  • You can use the Back key to jump to the next highest folder
  • Grey text box for entering the folder path manually
  • New frame for selecting file types in the Options dialog
  • Hidden files and system files are displayed now
  • New installation setup

Pro Version:

  • Shrinking of WML (wap), WMLS (wap script) and PL (perl) files and improved shrinking of ASP and and XML files
  • Up to 50% better shrinking than the Light Version because of new shrinking options: Removement of unnecessary font tags, font face names, empty tag attributes, end of paragraphs and end of list items, replacement of large tags and characters with smaller ones
  • Shrinks up to twice as fast as the Light Version, especially when shrinking dozens of pages
  • Command line options for running HTML Shrinker e.g. from a script
  • You can use HTML Shrinker directly from the Explorer by right clicking on folders or html files
  • 'Shrink All' command for shrinking all files in the current folder and its sub folders
  • 'Shrink Clipboard' command for shrinking the text on the clipboard
  • 'Simulate Shrinking' command for testing the effectivity of HTML Shrinker
  • New Backup options: Backup or Shrink recursively to a destination folder
  • 'Restore All' command for undoing all shrinking in the current folder and all sub folders
  • 'Remove All Backups' command for deleting all backups in the current folder and all sub folders
  • New Option: Performing several shrinking passes per file
  • Option on the main window to remove all font tags
  • New 'Sites' menu for defining the root folders of your web sites and quickly jumping to them


Version 1.07 (5th February 2000):

  • Server Side Includes (SSI) are left untouched
  • Visual SourceSafe comments aren't removed anymore
  • Asp, php and java tags are supported now
  • Improved shrinking of scripts and java tags
  • The following file types are now displayed and processed by default: htm, html, shmtl, jhtml, xml, cfm, cfml, js, css, asp, php
  • New option: Don't create backup file


Version 1.05 (14th August 1999):

  • Better compression
  • New option for shrinking java scripts
  • The shift/non breaking spaces option has been removed from the Options dialog, cause it changes the layout of web pages. It is now available from the main windows as "NB Spaces".
  • New option for defining the displayed file types in the Options dialog


Version 1.03 (23rd July 1999):

  • Options dialog for defining your own shrinking options
  • No shrinking within <Pre> Tags
  • Larger main dialog
  • Some smaller improvements and bug fixes.


Version 1.01 (3rd July 1999):

  • Necessary spaces aren't removed anymore
  • "Remove all Images/Scripts/Styles" are deactivated after each session


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