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Dirtsmart 10 Most Useful Netpreneur Resources of 2000

HTML Shrinker is a great little app that would be a welcome addition to any web production toolkit.

Smaller is better! For HTML files, at least. This freebie will clean up, optimize, and compress those HTML files substantially, especially if you're using code generating tools like MS FrontPage.

Computer Arts
Web Special
HTML Shrinker 2.0 Pro ... is a superb tool for reducing the size of various web, wap and script files. ... HTML Shrinker 2.0 Pro... is terrific. ... It worked superbly both shrinking and restoring. .... The ability to shrink/restore right from the microsoft explorer and to preview a "shrink" is a big asset.  
This brilliant tool scans your code and removes all extraneous information and comments. ... An expert tool for those who want to create the best surfing experience.
6 - Best

Editor's Pick

Rating: 95%

Best Software of its Class

Editor's Pick

Featured in LockerGnome


"This is a great utility, which will remove redundant HTML codes in HTML files"

17/20: Very Good


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