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HyperTyle is a sophisticated filter plugin for generating texture, surface, paint, erosion, transparency, edge, frame and shadow effects. These main effects are based on seamless textures, so there are unlimited variations possible. Additionally there are also zoom, rotation, metal, chrome, pop-art, warp, mirror, blur, noise, blending and other secondary effects which can be simultaneously applied to the seamless texture which is used for the main effect. So up to 20 different effects can be applied at the same time without leaving the plugin dialog.

HyperTyle is delivered with 1200+ seamless photo, synthetic and painting textures including 100 high resolution ones. You can also use other textures in BMP, JPG, PNG, PSD and various other format in HyperTyle, e.g. self-created textures, textures downloaded from the web or textures from image applications like Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.

The HyperTyle dialog consists of a large preview on the left side and a tab sheet control with all filter parameters on the right side. There are 15 dialog skins to choose from. HyperTyle is fairly easy and intuitive to use. For beginners there's even a Tutorial Mode which displays explanations and tips when the mouse pointer moves over a control. A preset feature lets you save effect settings and reuse them later. More than 110 useful preset files are already delivered with HyperTyle.

The Texture main effect lets you fill up an image or image areas with seamless textures. This is useful, e.g. for creating background images at a preferred size, for giving logos a texture look or for applying a new texture to parts of a graphics. While doing this you can rotate, zoom, shift, cut or stretch the tiled texture or manipulate it in various other ways. You can even make non-seamless textures seamless with the provided mirror options. Twenty different blending effects can be used to melt the texture with your image.

The Surface main effect gives your graphics a new surface touch. For example you can apply the surface of oil paintings, wood, metal, water, water drops and many other materials to your image. HyperTyle lets you control light angle, surface height and intensity of the new surface as well as soften or sharpen the surface with the controls from the Adjust tab sheet.

The two Paint main effects can turn your images into paintings or distort them in many other ways. You can use the provided painting textures to make your photos look like a painting from Van Gogh or Monet. The intensity and direction of the painting effect can be controlled as well as its softness or granularity when using the sliders from other tab sheets. The Paint effects can also be used to modify the transparency of an image layer.

The three Erosion main effects add eroded or dusty looks to your graphics. They let you adjust the erosion threshold and the erosion border. Additionally you can use the secondary effects like fusion, warp, blur and contrast to influence the erosion effect. The Erosion effect can be used to create letters that look really interesting, to strip off parts of a transparency mask or to make parts of a graphic look old and worn-out.

The Edge main effects let you frame your image with the help of textures. Three different shapes are available: Circle, Ellipse and Rectangle. The Edge Modes include Rough, Soft, Organic, Organic Color and Textured. HyperTyle lets you control the edge size, the edge position by right clicking on the preview, the size of the transition area, the width of the textured border, the background color and many more. Inverting the edge effect and making it transparent is also possible. A lot of edge variations can be achieved by using the secondary effect controls.

The Shadow main effect uses a texture to add depths or highlights to an image. This can add atmosphere to your photos or make uniform areas of your graphics more interesting. When applying it to image layers it can fade or amplify the transparency mask according to the used texture.

The No Texture main effect simply lets you apply all secondary effects without using a texture. So you can apply the metal, chrome, pop-art, warp, mirror and other effects directly to the image.

Finally, the Image Surface main effect works similar to the Surface main effect, but doesn't need a texture. It uses the image itself to emphasize the surface of the image. This is especially useful for creating image reliefs, adding a rougher surface, sharpening the image, giving it a softer touch or producing a glow effect.



Customers who purchased HyperTyle in November 2012 or later get version 2 for free. Other customers can upgrade for $19.95. Please contact us with your order details.

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