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Painted Photo Tutorial




Step 1:

Open a photo which you would like to convert into a painting in your image application.


Step 2:

Promote it to a layer. This is usually done by double clicking the background item in the layer palette. Then make the image larger by adding some canvas or by using a rectangle selection to cut away the borders of the photo. Finally you should see a transparent area around the photo.


Step 3:

If a selection is present, please remove it and run HyperTyle. Press the Reset button to remove any previous settings and select "Paint - Linear" from the Main Effects combo box. Make sure that Texture Map is set to one of the Gray items and play with the three sliders until you get a nice effect.


Step 4:

Activate the "Use Transparency" check box to let HyperTyle modify the border area and create a nice edge effect. If you want to have only the edge effect without the paint effect, activate the Opaque check box.


Step 5:

Finally you can make some adjustments to the effect by using the controls from the Texture and Adjust tab. In the left image we used a 50 degree rotation, a Subtle blur effect with a value of 5 and also increased the value of the Intensity slider on the Main tab.


Variation 1:

For this colorful variation a new texture was opened, Texture Map was set to "Colored", the Flat slider to 2 and the Intensity slider moved more to the left.


Variation 2:

This variation was produced by setting the Blending combo box to Expose, moving the Blending slider a bit to the left and using yet another texture.


Variation 3:

This time the "Use Transparency" check box was deactivated, so the artistic border disappeared. A brush-type texture was opened this time and the Solarize slider was used to adjust the effect.


Variation 4:

Now we used the "Paint - Radial" main effect with a pool texture to get a liquid effect. The Flat slider was set to 3 to get a more smooth look.



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