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Seamless Texture Tutorial




Step 1:

Open a photo in your image application. Create a rectangular selection which is around 256 x 256 pixel large and copy the selection to a new image. This is the image part which will be used to create a seamless texture.


Step 2:

Run HyperTyle and press the Reset button to remove any previous settings. Choose "No Texture" from the the Main Effects combo box and make sure that the Texture Map combo box is set to "Colored".


Step 3:

Switch to the Surface tab sheet and choose one of the Mirror Effects. Don't use the first four ones (Right, Left, Top, Button), because they only make the image seamless in one direction. In this example we have chosen "NW".


Step 4:

Use the Horizontal and Vertical sliders to adjust the effect.


Variation 1:

For this variation the "Cross Blend" Mirror effect was chosen, the Red and Green sliders from the Adjust tab were moved to the right and the Gamma slider value from the Adjust tab was decreased.


Variation 2:

This carpet pattern was created by using the "Quad B" Mirror effect with both sliders set to the highest values and setting the Grain slider from the Adjust tab to 118.


Variation 3:

This variation was done with the "Cross Bottom" Mirror effect, the Horizontal slider set to its highest value and the Vertical slider set to a middle value.

TIP: This tutorial shows you how to create seamless textures with the help of the "No Texture" mode. However, this mode doesn't let you apply the three "Seamless" mirror effects. To be able to use the Seamless mirror effects, you have to save the image as a BMP after Step 1, open it in HyperTyle and apply one of the three Seamless effects. Unfortunately there's no easy way to save the texture that was made seamless this way, because the image size of the texture has changed. So you will have to apply the Seamless effect everytime you open that texture file. A future version of HyperTyle will probably have a "Save Texture" button which will let you save the texture directly from within HyperTyle.


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