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Version History



    Windows Version 2.13 (November 2022)

    • Installation:
      • Installation support for Photoshop Elements 2022 & 2023, Affinity Photo 2 and PaintShop Pro 2020-2023
      • The installation now deletes the registry keps that keep Photoshop Elements 2020-2023 from loading plugins that crashed 3 times.
      • Support for the MS Store version of Photoshop Elements 2022. Does not try to install into the WindowsApps folder anymore.


    Windows Version 2.10d (November 2020)

    • Plugin Installer:
      • Installation support for Photoshop Elements 2021
      • Support for the Microsoft Store version of Photoshop Elements 15 and higher
      • Works again under Windows XP


    Windows Version 2.10c (October 2017)

    • Scrolling the preview with a maximized window on a 4K screen now works fluently. It also works faster on Full HD screens.
    • Affinity Photo Fixes:
      • Bug Fix: No more crash when applying the plugin a second time to a 16-bit/channel image.
      • Bug Fix: When opening the maximized plugin window for the second time, the controls do not vanish anymore.
    • Plugin Installer:
      • Support for Paint Shop Pro 2018
      • Support for Corel Draw & Photo-Paint 2017
      • Fixed support for Corel Draw & Photo-Paint X5 and older
      • The Add Folder button now asks if you want to install the 64-bit versions of the plugins in the new folder. Previously the 32-bit plugins were automatically installed in the new folder.


    Version 2.10 for Windows (March 2017)

    • Two new Affinity skins
    • Cosmetic skin fixes
    • Improved support for opening image files
    • "The Plugin Site" sub menu does not appear at the top of the Filter menu anymore, because the leading space character was removed.
    • Bug Fix: To avoid an error message and crash for images larger than 2 GB, the preview image is displayed with fit zoom in such cases. But it is not possible to process such large images by clicking OK.
    • Bug Fix: The 64-bit demo version does not appear as Harrys Filters on the Filter menu anymore
    • Bug Fix: The demo version now has the word "Demo" added to the Filter menu item
    • Bug Fix: The automatic image rotation previously produced strange results for 180 degree rotated JPEG, TIFF and PSD images.
    • A Help & Prefs page was added to the manual
    • The PDF manual offers bookmarks

    • Installation:
      • Future versions will be able to install over the current version without uninstallation. Please uninstall any previous version to avoid superfluous files.
      • The installation does not allow selecting an installation folder anymore. You can only select the drive. This avoid double installations of plugins.
      • Only one uninstall option is added to the "Add/Remove Programs" section of the control panel for new minor versions of the same product.
      • New Uninstall item is added to Start menu which displays the Add/Remove Programs dialog

      • Plugin Installer:
        • Two new "Adobe Photoshop CC (All Versions)" items for installing plugins to a 32-bit or 64-bit plugin folder which is used by all existing and future versions of Photoshop CC. This way you do not need to install the plugin again after you installed a new version of Photoshop CC. Best uninstall the previous version to avoid duplicate plugins when using this new option.
        • Support for Affinity Photo (Please activate the "Allow Unknown plugins to be used" check box under Edit > Preferences > Photoshop Plugins in Affinity Photo to make it work.)
        • Support for IrfanView
        • Plugin Installer now correctly displays "Photoshop CC 2015.5" instead of "Photoshop CC 2016".
        • Clicking on a list item activates its check box now
        • Plugin Installer has all applications activated by default during installation.
        • The Install button now gets the focus when the dialog shows up.


    Version 2.09 for Windows (December 2015)

    • Support for HiDPI
      • The skins now use appropriate font and control sizes for high dpi settings.
      • The UI-Scaling-Preview-Cutoff problem in Photoshop CC 2014/2015 and Photoshop Elements 13/14 was fixed. However, the Soft Proof effect is not visible in the preview anymore if UI Scaling is active.
      • The positions of some control were readjusted for high dpi settings.
      • Larger cursors
    • Improved installation:
      • Three less clicks are necessary, because the language, start menu and ready pages are not displayed anymore.
      • There are no separate Start menu folders added for different versions anymore. So better uninstall previous and demo versions before installing new/full versions.
      • Under Windows 8 & 10 there are even less icons with better names installed on the All Apps section of the Start menu to avoid clutter.
      • Please uninstall from the Control Panel as the uninstall icon is not added to the Start menu anymore.
      • Plugin Installer supports HiDPI


    Version 2.0 for Windows (May 2013)

    • Includes a 64-bit plugin, which is up to 30% faster
    • Resizable window
    • New Skin feature that imitates the user interface of Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and PaintShop Pro. The 15 skin options on the Prefs tab sheet also include a dark version of Aero (the default UI style of Windows Vista/7) and a special PhotoWiz skin style. There is also an option to only skin the sliders. When you run HyperTyle for the first time, you are asked if you want to use a dark skin or keep the standard controls. Alternatively you can manually choose a skin on the Prefs tab sheet.
    • Action support: The HyperTyle setting can be recorded to actions.
    • Smart filtering support: Hypertyle can be used as a smart filter.
    • Fit and 100% zoom buttons
    • Instant Sliders check box on the Prefs tab sheet for making the sliders update the preview instantly.
    • Improved support for image files
    • Smooth window display at start up
    • New Help/Prefs tab sheet instead of Tutorial Mode
    • Clicking the texture thumbnail displays the Open Texture file dialog
    • Selected tab sheet is kept when running HyperTyle again
    • The sliders of each main effect now have different default values
    • No more slider colorization for Classic Windows style
    • Bug Fix: The Last Filter command works
    • Bug Fix: The Gaussian and Subtle effects now work with 16-bit images
    • Bug Fix: Using a zero value for the Zoom slider is not possible anymore
    • Bug Fix: No more error message for low values of the Cut Off slider
    • Bug Fix: No more error message if a texture is not found.
    • Bug Fix: No error message for certain settings of the Fusion effect.
    • Bug Fix: The value of the Cut Off slider is restored at startup
    • Bug Fix: The prompt to use best zoom quality is now only displayed once if you answer it with yes.


    Version 1.05 for Windows - January 2011

    • Renders two times faster than previous versions. The Image Surface effect is even four times faster.
    • HyperTyle Texture Pack with 1100 additional textures can now be downloaded by registered customers. 1000 of these textures were previously only available on CD. 100 new and unreleased textures are also included in the Texture Pack.
    • 1 new preset file
    • UI Improvements:
      • Visual styles supported. If visual styles are active, the sliders are not colorized anymore.
      • The HyperTyle window is now only movable by clicking and dragging the titlebar-like area at the top. This avoids that imprecise clicks on controls accidentally move the window.
      • Double clicking a slider label sets the slider to its default value
      • Unused control are now invisible instead of grayed out.
      • The Main Effect combo box was moved above the seperation line
      • The Use Transparency check box was moved to the bottom of the Main tab sheet. It is not enabled anymore if there is not alpha channel present.
      • "No ..." combo box items were renamed to "Off"
      • The Range combo box was renamed to "Tonal Range". The "All" item was renamed to "Full".
      • The Grain slider was renamed to "Phase".
      • Bug Fix: The Fade slider does not vanish anymore when switching between main effects
    • To avoids write permission conflicts .ini and preset files are now saved in this folder:
      c:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\ThePluginSite\HyperTyle\
      c:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\ThePluginSite\HyperTyle\ Please move your self-saved presets to the Presets sub folder of the mentioned folder in order to access them faster.
    • More precise rendering time measurement
    • Installation:
      • Plugin Installer supports several new compatible applications and displays less options during installtion
      • All files are now installed in the "The Plugin Site" sub folder of the Program Files folder by default. Additionally "The Plugin Site" sub menu of the Start menu is now used for installation items.
      • Support for silent installation: If you run the installer with the /silent or /verysilent command line parameter, the installation will run automatically and require no click. Plugin Installer will then automatically install the plugin in every supported application that it can find.
    • The demo version includes all 129 textures of the full version now.
    • The demo version renders less opaque watermarks faster to the image.


    Version 1.04 for Windows - February 2009

    • The crashes and program error messages under 64bit Vista were fixed.
    • In Version 1.03 some presets displayed an memory error message. This was fixed.
    • New multilingual installer that supports 38 languages
    • Plugin Installer is now also available in German and it support many more applications as well as several localized versions of Photoshop


    Version 1.03 for Windows - December 2007

    Important Improvements:

    • Windows Vista Compatibility: HyperTyle does not crash anymore under Windows Vista with 2 GB or more RAM available.
    • DEP Compatibility: If Data Execution Protection (DEP) is activated in the Windows Control Panel, HyperTyle still works.
    • HyperTyle now supports the Photoshop memory management, which avoids memory problems with large images in Photoshop.
    • Improved compatibility with some applications, e.g. color dialogs now work in GIMP and PhotoBrush and preview scrolling now works in SignLab and Image Analyzer.
    • At the end of the installation the Plugin Installer tool now lets you copy the HyperTyle plugin conveniently to your image application's plugin folder.
    • Preview zooms smaller than 100% now correctly display the final result. The Cut Off, Offset X and Offset Y sliders on the Texture tab sheet do not show a different effect for different preview zoom anymore.
    • The "Stretch To Image" check box now works again.
    • The filter settings (the HyperTyle.ini and MainEffects.ini files) are now saved in the user's application data folder in case the folder of the HyperTyle plugin is not accessible. This avoids problems if you are not logged in as an administrator. The .ini files are only saved on exit and not for every preview update.
    • HyperTyle looks for a missing texture in more folders, so there is a bigger chance that it will be found. There are also no repeated messages about missing textures anymore.
    • 15 new preset files

    Cosmetic Changes:

    • The preview cross is better visible.
    • The Show Grid check box displays a dotted grid that is not influenced by the blend mode. Shift clicking the check box to choose a gird color does not work anymore.
    • Bug Fix: The texture thumbnail on the Texture tab sheet does not vanish anymore.
    • Bug Fix: Exiting the plugin with the ESC key does not cause a messed up dialog anymore when running the plugin again.
    • The HyperTyle version number is now displayed on the menu in the host application.
    • The Reset button now also resets the Equalize check box.
    • The labels of check boxes can now be clicked to activate or deactivate the check box.
    • The edit boxes of sliders have a new look.
    • The texture path on the Texture tab sheet is now displayed fully.
    • The manual was updated.

    Demo version :

    • The demo version can now be applied to the image. It displays a watermark on the rendered image. All textures and presets of the full version are now included.
    • There is a Freeware main effect in the demo version, which does not apply a watermark.


    Version 1.02 for Windows - March 2003

    • Black-Checkbox-Problem under Windows XP was fixed
    • Tab sheets aren't displayed mixed up anymore after exiting HyperTyle with Cancel
    • New mouse cursor for placing a preview cross. The busy cursor is displayed during the preview calculation.
    • When positing the preview cross by right clicking on the preview, the cross is now placed when you release the right mouse button. This should give you a better control over the placement.
    • If the image was smaller than the texture, the zoom slider didn't work correctly in a certain range. This was fixed.

Version 1.01 for Windows - October 2002

    • Support for various new image formats: JPG, PSD, PNG, PCX, PCD, TGA, TIF, WMF, EMF, AMF and WBMP
      • All images are automatically converted to 24bit, only JPG 8-bit, PNG Gray, PSD Grayscale and WBMP files are opened as 8-bit grayscaled images.
      • Extended BMP Support: for 2 colors, 16 colors and 256 colors.
      • PSD Files: for images with 8-bit per channel all types except LAB and Multichannel are supported, for images with 16-bit per channel only RGB and Grayscaled ones are accepted.
      • PCD files are automatically opened at a resolution of 384 x 256 pixel.
      • WMF, EMF and AMF files are automatically opened a white background. If there's no size information they are opened at a size of 256 x 256 pixels.
      • LZW-TIFF and GIF files aren't supported, because of the required Unisys license
    • The textures are now supplied as JPG files which decreases download time dramatically.
    • Each main effect has its own control values now. That means that the values of the Main Effects controls are saved when another main effect is chosen and restored when the same main effect is chosen again. This avoids adjusting sliders when switching between main effects.
    • Edge main effects:
      • Right clicking on the preview lets you place the center of the edge anywhere on the image. Holding the Ctl key and right clicking on the preview places the center in the middle of the image.
    • "Paint - Radial" main effect:
      • Right clicking on the preview lets move the center of the effect. Holding the Ctl key and right clicking on the preview places the center in the middle of the image.
      • The range of the Angular and Radial sliders of the has been extended. This offers more effect possibilities.
    • Smaller Improvements:
      • Equalize check box on the Texture tab sheet for applying a histogram equalization.
      • Shift clicking the "Show Grid" now displays the color dialog for selecting a gird color
      • The grey zoom buttons have been replaced with graphical ones
      • If a texture can't be found or opened, e.g. because it was deleted, the previous texture is kept or the default texture is opened automatically.
    • Removed Bugs:
      • The simultaneous usage of the Saturation and Noise slider caused a blank white image before.
      • The Texture Map combo box is (de)activated correctly.
      • Ellipse drawing bug fixed
      • "No Texture" main effect:
      • The preview display of the Quad Mirror effects was fixed.
      • The Saturation and Hue sliders work now


    Version 1.0 for Windows - July 2002

    • Initial Windows Release


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