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At the left is a section of 1 of 16 underexposed photos. In the middle one of the photos was treated with Photoshop's Levels feature. The noise was amplified a lot and there is a blue color cast. The image on the right was produced with LayerShop's Fix Underexposure feature. It contains very little noise although the photos were taken with ISO 3200, small details are more clearly visible and the blue color cast was automatically fixed.



The top left image is a 100% detail of a photo taken at ISO 6400. The top right image was processed with a stabndard noise reduction software, which made the details too smooth and did not manage to remove all color noise. The bottom image shows the result of using LayerShop's Denoise Layers feature on 10 photos of the same scene. As you can see the noise was reduced quite a lot and previously hidden details are now visible.



On the left is a detail of a photo which was upscaled by 400% with the bicubic method. On the right it was upsized by 400% with LayerShop's Super Resolution by using 12 photos of the same scene. Note that the letters on the yellow paper are much better readable and the noise was reduced.



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