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BWStyler 2 offers a staggering wealth of tools. ... Fortunately, there are several modes of access, either through visual thumbnails or different dialog elements ... The price is quite affordable ...


Rating: 4.5 of 5

... a feature-rich and user-friendly application that can be used for both novices and professional photographers ... It's wrapped in a well-structured and approachable layout ... a comprehensive and intuitive utility, packed with individual tools and designed for those who want to adjust general and advanced photo properties ... as well as correct imperfections and improve the overall quality.


I can recommend this Black and White conversion plug-in, not only for its controls, numerous tools and ease of use but most of all for its tremendous value for money.

Royal Photographic Society - Spring 2007, No 34


Create a classic look and feel in your photos using the B/W Styler for Windows. This Photoshop plug-in does more than just convert images to black-and-white. ... the tool uses the whole contrast range of color photos to achieve dramatic black-and-white images.

PCPhoto Magazine
January February 2007


... it does a splendid job. ... This is a filter that gives you the ultimate control over a monochrome conversion from a digital photograph. ... for all your conversion to monochrome needs, I don’t think you can do better than with B & W Styler. It’s simply so powerful there’s no competition.

IT- Enquirer

Graphic designers ... would find many of the effects a great timesaver. Photographers may particularly welcome the ability to give digital images a 'film' look, which may also make them more effective. ... I found it very fastand convenient when I needed to produce a couple of 'black and whites' for a client in a hurry .... BW Styler is moderately priced compared with many Photoshop plugins ... and worth buying ... I have certainly come to appreciate the flexibility of using B/W Styler ...


One excellent option for performing these conversions is B/W Styler from PhotoWiz. Far from being a simple conversion utility, B/W Styler handles not only the emulationof traditional film, but goes on to simulate lens filters, film developing lab effects and different types of photo papers! ... B/W Styler is aimed at all levels of user capability, with a choice of three different working modes to match your skill set.

Plugs and Pixels Issue 08


Finally, a true innovation ... offers new possibilities for digital photo tuning! ... B/W Styler makes it possible ... to unify digital techniques with the chemical dark room in a unique manner. ... a powerful tool for converting digital color images, which is intuitively usable from the beginning. ... it goes far beyond what was available for demanding B&W conversions up to now.

Highly recommended!

This Photoshop Plugin... makes many editing steps with native Photoshop tools superfluous. ... everything is included in a very good and affordable filter. ... In my opinoin a must-have for all Photoshop users.


... plugins that are worth their money. If you want to occupy yourself with the topic of black and white photos, then this plugins should be part of your toolbox. You can quickly achieve professional and top class black & white photos with it.

Bessere Digitalfotos mit Corel PHOTO-PAINTX3


I like the many tools it offers ... the conversion process really sparks your creativity.

Sunny 16 Rule

This is possibly the most comprehensive tool of all for those converting colour images, whether scans from film or digital originals. ... It has an immense range of settings yet can be used by beginners or advanced workers with equal ease.

Basics Photography: Working in Black-and-White


The configuarble split
screen preview with its before/after view is a big help... Overall Impression: Powerful tools, split screen, good price/perfomrance ratio. Rating: 3 of 3 stars.

DOCMA Magazin 45



For black and white enthusiasts, B/W Styler is a real treat. ... Even if your original color image is dull, B/W Styler can turn it into a vibrant black and white conversion ... This is an impressive black and white solution, with three user levels for inexperienced, intermediate, and advanced users. ... Like all the software from this vendor, it is well conceived and delivers what it promises.

John Lewell, The Digital Photographer's Software Guide


B/W Styler produces harmonious "real" grain. Other tools work with ugly undefinable pixel piles, but not B/W Styler. ... The plugin reacts very rapidly on my old 1.5 GHz G4 - in contrast to other tools. ... With B/W Styler The Plugin Site brought off a big coup. ... the results are simply convincing. .. the plugin is a real bargain compared to other tools. ... B/W Styler is a must have in my opinion.

Functionality: 4.5 out of 5
Userfriendloness: 5 out of 5
Speed: 5 out of 5
Practical Gain: 5 out of 5
Availability: 5 out of 5
Price/Performance: 5 out of 5


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