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Modes for novices as well as advanced users

Support for RGB images with 8-bit and 16-bit per channel

64-bit version for Windows & Mac


More than 20 types of effects with many adjustment options

More than 600 presets for simulating traditional photography effects and special effects

Presets of different groups can be combined making endless effect variations possible

Thumbnail previews of presets and .acv files

Five thumbnails sizes or a list without thumbnails can be displayed

The preset list covers the full window height and can be expanded to half the window width with an arrow icon.



Full scripting and smart filter support

Batch process images with the help of actions or scripts

Fast rendering by supporting multi-core CPUs


Curve tools for precisely adjusting brightness, luminosity, each RGB channel, saturation as well as color and bicolor effects.

Eyedropper tool (which shows a hand/arrow cursor when dragging) for selectively changing the settings of certain image areas

Split View feature for visually comparing and choosing between different effect settings



Five tools for various preview related tasks

Three preview tab sheets for quickly comparing and adjusting three versions of the image

Navigator tool for quickly displaying another image area in the preview

15 histogram types



Sophisticated masking brush for applying the effect to complex image objects or removing it from them


1. A color effect was applied to the image:

2. Here a brush stroke was drawn with deactivated Mask option:

3. After setting the Mask option of the brush to +4 (either before or after drawing the brush stroke), only the house roof is affected by the brush stroke:

The middle gray color of the house roof was sampled with the brush center when starting the brush stroke. This mask color can also be changed afterwards to fine-tune the masking.


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