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A Tough Case for ColorWasher



Step 1

A friend of mine purposely set up a very difficult-to-color-balance shot to test our color correction skills. It consists of a few objects, a live monitor display, and lit with halogen spots and one weak tungsten overhead lamp. Our friend was soooo kind as to white balance to the halogen lamps only. Grrr... This really looks like a color-correction nightmare...

Ok, lets do this step by step. First of all we want to get rid of that red cast at the bottom. We place our sample area at left bottom and try each of the Cast Types. Luckily the Linear cast type manages to remove the red casts completely. Hurray! But the screen still looks very unnatural.



Step 2

Step 3

Ok, we need to color correct the screen only, so we create a feathered selection of the screen in our image application and run Color Washer on it. We create a sample area at the top right of the screen and switch back the Cast Type combo to Auto detect. Good, there's no color cast on the monitor anymore. As a final step, lets try to give this shot more depth. In ColorWasher we use the Reset button and decrease the Highlight slider to make the monitor a bit dimmer and increase the Shadow slider slightly. Looks like the photo has more depth of field now. My friend is going to get real envious about my skills :-))).


The copyright of this image belongs to Chris Bower.



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