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Bad Photo Examples


Corrected with ColorWasher
This is an old photo from the 70s. Sadly it became quite brown and faded over time. I didn't have much hope that it could be made any better. What a surprise! ColorWasher recreates the nostalgic colors of the photo again.
I took this photo from an air plane window. It looks quite faded and rosy. ColorWasher removed the magenta cast and made it look fresh again.
This photo was taken at twilight and is extremely underexposed. Amazing how ColorWasher even managed to get all the light back without revealing too much noise. This correction needed a bit of manual tweaking, but the result was worth it.
Somehow I don't like these dull colors. Lets see if ColorWasher can do anything about it.

OK, maybe I exaggerated a bit too much here by removing all color from the blossoms and setting saturation to full power at 100%. But the photo received a very nice color mood.

Somehow the wrong white balanced was used for this shot.

Sampling the cast, using the Old Photo cast type and reducing with the Adjust Cast value produces this nice result.


Somehow I used the Fluorescent setting on my digicam when it decided to trigger the flash although I didn't want that. The wine must have already impeded my photographic skills.

ColorWasher tells me that the photo has an 80% cast and only manages to produce the magenta/yellow image that is visible in the top left corner. Looking at ColorWasher's Histo tab the red channel seems suppressed almost completely and blue channel only contains bright highlights. The green channel which contains most of the brightness information was left almost untouched. So the only solution to save the photos is to turn it into a B/W shot. As a B/W shot it looks quite nice.




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