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It is an extremely powerful, full featured software plugin ... I have used ... [contrast] filters since 2005 ... but Contrast Master is like those on steroids.

Albert J Valentino,


... a solution that offers unlimited possibility of contrast editing ... simple and intuitive sliders let you immediately achieve usable results ... the technical quality of the contrast adjustment is exceptional .... A comparable tool ... is not available on the market.


... gives imagesmiths amazing control over the details in a photo, and with that control, the ability to create some eye-popping pictures.

... a welcome addition to photographers who want—or need—a highly capable plug-in that works wonders with ... contrast. The plug-in is well thought out and offers a multitude of controls ... The interface is extremely user-friendly ... What was most surprising was how much detail this plug-in can pull from shadows.


It can provide selective and global contrast adjustments to an image to a degree not possible using standard Photoshop tools. What it's really good at is pushing the contrast settings beyond reason, thereby creating some pretty cool photorealistic effects. ... ContrastMaster might be just the creative tool you're looking for.

Photoshop User Magazine March 2009


.. it is fascinating to see how the variety of sliders and paramters ... helps to extract everything imaginable from a subtle contrast increase to severe HDR effects...

DOCMA Magazine, Issue 28, May 2009

The Plugin Site made real big-time with ContrastMaster.

After getting acquainted you can achieve a variety of effects that even go beyond its intended scope. Concerning the contrast adjustments ContrastMaster offers everything that the heart longs for.

The support of the manufacturer additionally convinced us.


ContrastMaster can create very dramatic, even bizarre effects, making a photograph look painterly or giving it the weird contrast and tone compression of an HDR photograph ... this is one great plug-in; if I hadn’t gotten a reviewer’s copy, I’d buy it.

Photo Techniques July/August 2009


ContrastMaster ... is one of those few products that offer both high quality contrast enhancement and HDR-like capabilities at a reasonable cost.
If you have a low-contrast photo in need of rescuing, or wish to turn a merely good photo into a great one, ContrastMaster should be one of your top choices.
In my examples here, the photos ... benefitted from ContrastMaster’s ability to increase image clarity by increasing contrast in a controlled manner.

Plugs 'N Pixels Issue 17

... you can fine-tune and massage image contrast in ways other software simply can’t.

Plugs 'N Pixels Issue 13


Rating: 4.5 of 5

... a feature-rich and user-friendly application that can be used for both novices and professional photographers ... It's wrapped in a well-structured and approachable layout ... a comprehensive and intuitive utility, packed with individual tools and designed for those who want to adjust general and advanced photo properties ... as well as correct imperfections and improve the overall quality.



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