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Examples - More Sharpening



FocalBlade Effect

A quite unsharp photo of a fire place.

After FocalBlade was applied you can see many details more clearly.

This photo was taken with a large zoom setting and a small depth of field. It contains quite some noise (which is only visible in the original large version). FocalBlade makes the photo sharp again without making the noise visible. The settings that were used are: Extreme Sharp, Light Textured and Very Rough Details.
This is a crop of a photo that is motion-blurred, because it was taken with a large zoom of a moving object. FocalBlade manages to sharpen the photo impressively without bringing up the noise.

Head of a camel in front of a wall.

FocalBlade sharpens the camel head, but leaves the wall untouched. FocalBlade avoids amplifying artifacts and noise on the wall. This can be done by setting Auto Surface to "Even".

Photo of the front of a Dodge. It was extremely sharpened with FocalBlade. The white halos produced by the extreme sharpening were removed with the Fix White Halo slider.
This is a 400% zoomed crop of a fabric
The resulting photo was sharpened with FocalBlade and at the same time the noise was reduced with FocalBlade's Soften slider and color noise reduction feature.

A photo that was taken with a high ISO setting because of the low light conditions. A lot of noise is visible.

Normally when sharpening a noisy photo the noise is made even more visible. But FocalBlade reduced the noise on the snow, wall and sky, while it sharpened the trees and other outlines.


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