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Modes for novice as well as advanced users

Support for RGB, Grayscale, Lab and CMYK images with 8-bit and 16-bit per channel

64-bit versions for Windows and MacOS X


Full flexibility with one, two and three pass workflows

Softproof option for simulating the look of a print on screen



Full scripting and smart filter support

Batch processing with the help of actions or scripts

Ultra fast rendering with hyperthreading, dual/quad core and multiple processors

  Auto sharpening for five display types as well as inkjet, continuous tone and halftone printing.
  Split View feature for comparing different sharpening settings and visually selecting one

Stronger sharpening with less artifacts: Up to 2000% and 32 pixel in all modes

Three sharpening methods: Single Radius, Dual Radius and Adaptive Radius

Sharpen edges and surface areas independently or apply a different radius for each pixel depending on detail level



Artifact-free sharpening and sophisticated halo reduction

(Example: The halos were reduced in the bottom image.)




"Show Halos (High Pass)" option for visually fine-tuning the sharpening halos

(Example: The reduced halos can be seen in the bottom image.)


Color protection feature for removing the sharpening effect from image areas with selected colors

(Example: The blue image areas were completely protected from sharpening in the bottom image. Sharpening was exaggerated in the example to show the effect more clearly.)



Produce great looking blur, soft focus, drawing, glow and other special effects

Reduce noise or add grain


80 included presets on various arrow-down menus

Save your own preset files

Interactive Menu check box for displaying the effect of a preset in the preview while browsing a menu.


Navigator tool for quickly displaying another image area in the preview

Preview zoom between 6% and 3200%

A tool bar with hand, marquee and color picker tools

A preview tab control for quickly comparing up to three sharpening effects


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