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Shadow Correction Examples


Corrected with LightMachine

Even after several tries the camera wasn't able to expose the sky as well as the church sufficiently. The reason is the limited contrast range of standard photo cameras.

LightMachine managed to make the pure black church visible again. The exposure of the church was raised by approx. 4 f-stops with LightMachine while the sky wasn't touched at all. Additionally the church was color corrected to make it look natural again. Because the sky looked a bit dull its contrast was increased in LightMachine

This window was captured with a zoom lens, so using a fill-in flash wasn't possible. The bright facade and window automatically created extreme shadows.

LightMachine had no problem correcting the exposure to reveal the girl in the window while leaving the outer walls and the window itself unchanged.

In this photo the whole foreground was lost in the shadows.

LightMachine managed to raise the the shadows by almost 5 f-stops. The color information was quite suppressed in the shadows, but LightMachine's color correction feature brought back the colors partially.

This photo was taken under very difficult light conditions.
LightMachine lets you brighten up the dark image regions to create a perfectly exposed photo.
This photo was taken indoors with a flash bouncing from the ceiling. Looks like the flash wasn't strong enough.
After correcting it with LightMachine's Shadows/Highlights Pro mode, it looks like it should have from the beginning.
Objects in front of a more or less bright sky tend to be underexposed by the camera.
LightMachine managed to brighten up the building while keeping the sky as it was.
The flowers in this shot are underexposed.
LightMachine managed to give them back their brilliance while keeping the sky unchanged.




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