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The 70 dollars for LightMachine are a good investment ... LightMachine works with fine adjustable masks that accurately seperate e.g. a dark foreground from the background ... The considerable supply of mask parameters compensates for ugly halos among other things ...

Exposure Correction: Very Good
Usability: Very Good

c't Magazin 6/2005


Light Machine is the ultimate Digital Dark Room Tool ... within the plugin you have far more control than the usual photo correction programs... I am amazed at the programmes ability to correct very poor photos, but also apply artistic effects.


The Light Machine is a very handy tool for adjusting a variety of elements, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, colour replacement, and many other required corrections, without consuming too much time. ... it has a very user friendly help feature, in which wherever you run the mouse over, there is a dialogue box which tells you what it is or how it works.

Better Photoshop Techniques Issue 6

LightMachine is very interesting because of the many options and possibilities... Working with light and tone in this plugin leads to perfect results. You can even achieve good results with photos that initially appear to have no quality at all.


I used various filters from the Plugin Site to process thousands of sports photos last year. Color Washer, Focal Blade, and Light Machine are very thoughtful designs (speaking as a software engineer), and a good value. ...are actually small applications, with good functionality and many useful features.

Richard Reddy Photography


In conclusion, there are some interesting tools here, and they promise great things to anyone with great patience. ... A powerful and flexible plug-in ...

Digital Photo Effects 24, April 2005

Lightmachine can help pull detail out of shadow and tone down highlights, which it does fairly well. ... It's fairly simple to use, even for beginners... An Auto Mask feature takes out the guesswork even more. ... It ... delivers on its promises.

Photoshop User Magazine March 2006

  More than just a few readers often want us to recommend software or plug-ins. For all those wishing to automate image adjustments, try LightMachine. This Photoshop plugin performs all kinds of light adjustments in photos...

Creative Latitude

LightMachine works very effectively ... It has a full complement of presets, with some excellent “pseudo HDR” effects. ... For those who want to gain ultimate mastery over shadows, highlights, and colors, this is definitely a plug-in worth trying. ... It has
some clever masking options that allow you to separate parts of the image for ndependent

John Lewell, The Digital Photographer's Software Guide

Rating: 4.5 of 5

... a feature-rich and user-friendly application that can be used for both novices and professional photographers ... It's wrapped in a well-structured and approachable layout ... a comprehensive and intuitive utility, packed with individual tools and designed for those who want to adjust general and advanced photo properties ... as well as correct imperfections and improve the overall quality.



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