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    Using plugins, tubes or other add-ons in a graphics, video or animation application can be a frustrating experience. As your effect collection grows your application needs longer to start up and your menus and lists become cluttered making it very difficult to find the particular effect you are looking for. Now you can take control of your effects using Plugin Commander.

    Plugin Commander is a tool for dealing with various image formats, plugins and effect types from various graphics applications. It allows you to manage and preview your plugin, tube and add-on collection quickly and easily. There is commercial Pro Edition as well as a feature-limited Light Edition of Plugin Commander, which is freeware.

    Manage and preview your plugins comfortably

    Plugin Commander Pro enables you to control which plugins and effects are displayed in your host application. Support for more than 30 different plugin types and other effect materials (especially Photoshop-compatible, Premiere plugins and PSP effect files) is provided as well as the possibility of defining your own plugin types. You can make Photoshop-compatible and After Effects plugins display anywhere in the Filter menu and see a simulation of Photoshop's Filter menu. You can also disable plugins, PSP tubes and materials that you rarely need.

    The effects of Photoshop-compatible plugins, certain Premiere plugins and Paint Shop Pro add-ons are calculated in real-time and additionally preview images of other plugin types can be viewed. These previews are shown in the Preview window, the thumbnail browser or the Picture Editor.

    Apply and convert plugins and images easily

    You can apply Photoshop-compatible plugins directly to images within Plugin Commander Pro to create interesting image effects. You can either process one image at a time in the Picture Editor or use the Batch dialog to apply a series of image effects to a list of images. Additionally, the Batch dialog can convert between different image formats as well as resize and rename images at the same time. Furthermore, Plugin Commander Pro is capable of converting among four Filter Factory plugin formats and Operating Systems: Photoshop, Premiere, Windows and Macintosh.

    Dozens of other useful features

    At any rate, Plugin Commander Pro offers a variety of other remarkable possibilities. For example, it allows you to edit your images, archive thousands of free Filter Factory plugins, create your own plugins with the Filter Factory Editor and manage your files. It is flexible and partly skinable interface makes it easy and effective to use. With Plugin Commander you can also download and modify thousands of Filter Factory plugins as well as easily grab specific PSP tubes that are freely available on the net. You can even create your own plugins.


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