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Plugin Commander FF Editor Interfaces

This is a gallery of the currently available FF Editor interfaces for PlugIn Commander. They are all included with the Pro Edition, but for the Light Edition you have to download them from here. To use them, unzip the downloaded file into the "Interfac" sub folder of your Plugin Commander folder, restart Plugin Commander and choose one of the interfaces in the Preferences dialog.

By clicking on the thumbnails, you can see the interfaces in full size.


Plugin Commander Light default interface: "Gearwheel Hububb" by Herve Goussard

"Plastic Hearts" by Harald Heim
"Mysterious Mountain" by Harald Heim
"Greenhouse Havoc" by Herve Goussard
"Great Horse" by Herve Goussard
"FF Coffee" by Waltraud Braune
"Colorful Bright" by Waltraud Braune
"Maup Hubbub" Interface by Maurice van der Molen
Plugin Commander Pro default interface "Rattler Galaxy" by Herve Goussard

And as a contrast:

The Original Filter Factory Interface by Adobe
which is accessible from Plugin Commander, too.

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