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Limitations of the Plugin Commander - Light Edition


  • The Light Edition wasn't compiled for full speed
  • No cooperative multithreading
  • No caching of plugins and preview images
  • Applying Photoshop-compatible plugins isn't possible
  • Changing the category of non-FF plugins doesn't work
  • No Enabling and Disabling of plugins and other files in Plugin View (with the exception of FF plugins)
  • No simulation of Photoshop's Filter menu
  • No Conversion of Filter Factory plugins to Adobe Premiere and Macintosh
  • No Browser dialog
  • No Preview window for previewing Photoshop-compatible plugins, PSP add-ons and other file types on the main window
  • Only BMP and JPG files are supported
  • No Batch Processing dialog
  • Limited features in the Picture Editor
  • No Thumbnails command for creating thumbnails of Filter Factory plugins
  • No FFL View
  • No Create FFL and Add FFL commands
  • No enhanced Filter Factory dialog
  • No Unzip and Zip commands


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