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    Plugin Commander Version History



    Version 1.62 (Revison 2) - April 2014

    • Bug Fix: The FF Editor window shows again in task bar
    • Bug Fix: Clicking the "Add >>" button the Batch dialog without a selected item does not cause a crash anymore.
    • Bug Fix: The "Use Filter Name As File Name" check box now works when converting ffl files in File View.


    Version 1.62 - March 2014

    • Improved control scaling when enlarging the main window
    • Bug Fix: The Adaptive Wide Angle 64-bit plugin of Photoshop CS6/CC does not produce a crash anymore.
    • Bug Fix: The "Use Filter Name As File Name" check box on the Convert dialog does not remove spaces in the file name and filter name.
    • Bug Fix: Clicking Cancel on the Print dialog previously started the print process.
    • Bug Fix: The FF Editor does not show a window border under Windows Vista, 7 and 8.
    • The installer now supports a total of 47 languages.


    Version 1.61 - August 2010

    • Plugin Commander supports visual styles
    • Bug Fix: The width of the main window was not restored after startup
    • Bug Fix: When a selected drive is unavailable, Plugin Commander does not crash anymore.
    • The options that enable you to send us an email were updated with new email addresses.
    • The installer now updates necessary system files. This makes sure that Plugin Commander runs without a problem.
    • The installer makes Plugin Commander run as administrator to avoid file acces problems under Vista and Windows 7. This option can be deactivated, but we do not recommed it.
    • The installer now supports a total of 38 languages.
    • The manual was updated.


Version 1.60 (Installer Update - Pro Version only) - February 2007

  • The previous installation did not create the scripts sub folder in the Plugin Commander Pro folder. As a result the effect of some plugins were not executed, because Plugin Commander Pro was not able to access the scripts sub folder.


Version 1.60 Revision (Light Revision 2, Pro Revision 8) - August 2006

  • Bug Fix: When converting an FFL file (without the "Automatically create sub folder(s)" check box activated) the resulting .8bf files were placed in the root folder of the hard drive (e.g. C:\) instead of the chosen folder.
  • The old installation did not run on some systems, so we decided to use another installation tool.


New in Version 1.60 - July 2005
  • New Features:
    • Plugin Types with more than three letters in the file extension are supported.
    • The latest Paint Shop Pro file types are now available under Preferences > Plugin Types.
    • New desktop icon in File View to switch to the desktop folder
    • New "Revert", "Use as Preview Image" and "Zoom" features in Picture Editor
    • Large Images are now automatically fit to the screen in Picture Editor
    • If the folder path isn't fully displayed at the bottom of each pane, you can see the full path as a tool tip
  • Updates:
    • The menu icons were colorized and also made smaller to avoid that they get cut off.
    • The icons of the image list in File menu were removed to let the user see which the current selected preview image is.
    • Menu icons were added in Picture Editor
    • The gray side bars in some dialogs were replaced by standard Windows title bars.
    • The URLs from the FX Download dialog have been updated
    • Email addresses that are used for Help > Send Mail were updated as well as the Newsletter URL in Help > Online.
    • Step by step instructions were added to the help files
    • First time users will be prompted for a plugin folder
  • Bug Fixes:
    • When converting FFL files the option "Automatically create sub folder(s)" works correctly now (and doesn't produce sub folders recursively anymore).
    • Sometimes the previous folder was not displayed when starting Plugin Commander
    • Switching to another folder with the Folder menu will now update the Plugin View.
    • Bug that made the Plugin Commander window disappear in rare cases was fixed.
    • The Add button in the Image tab of the Preferences dialog works again.
    • Msvcrt10.dll isn't removed anymore when uninstalling Plugin Commander.
    • Resizing the main window now also works for left-handed use

      Pro Edition:

      • New Features:
        • PSP tubes, PSP frames and PSP images are now displayed in the browser and preview window. They can also be opened in Picture Editor by double clicking them. You don't need to have Paint Shop Pro installed anymore to view them.
        • In Plugin View the new "Photoshop Mode" check box simulates the Filter menu structure of Photoshop 6, 7, CS and CS2. The previous "Photoshop Mode" was renamed to "Old Photoshop Mode" and shows the Filter menu structure of Photoshop 3, 4 and 5.

      • Updates:
        • The "Invoke" command was renamed to "Execute Plugin".
        • The Crash Inspector feature was disabled.

      • Bug Fixes:
        • Double clicking an item in the Browser sometimes caused an error message, because of a wrong file path. This was fixed.



    New in Version 1.52 - February 2001


      • Ten new Paint Shop Pro file types are recognized by Plugin Commander: PSP Tubes, PSP 6 Patterns, PSP 6 Textures, PSP 7 Shapes, PSP 7 Textures/Patterns, PSP Brushes, PSP Frames, PSP Gradients, PSP Images, PSP Masks and PSP Styled Lines. (Self defined plugin types that were previously added to the Plugin Types tab in the Options dialog will be lost and will have to be added again.)
      • The PSP file types are displayed with the PSP icon in File View to be easily recognizable as such
      • The Filter Download dialog was renamed to "FX Download" and additonally contains hundreds of download links to PSP Tubes
      • Plugin View update problem fixed

      Light Edition:

      • Scaning all sub folders in Plugin View is possible now
      • Opening JPG files is supported now

      Pro Edition:

      • The ten new PSP file types can be disabled and enabled in Plugin View
      • The following file types can now be viewed in the Preview window: PSP Tubes, PSP 6 Patterns, PSP 6 Textures, PSP 7 Shapes, PSP 7 Textures/Patterns, PSP Frames, PSP Images, PSP Masks. (But you need to have PSP installed to view tubes, shapes, frames and PSP images.)
      • PSP textures, patterns and masks are now displayed in the Browser and can be opened in the Picture Editor with a double click.
      • The settings of scriptable/actionable Photoshop-compatible plugins are restored during sessions


    New in Version 1.51 - December 2000


    • Some icons were made transparent to adapt to different window colors
    • Resizing the main window works correctly even if the window content is displayed while dragging.
    • Hidden files and system files are displayed in File View now
    • Plugin List command works correctly again
    • New and smaller Setup

    Pro Edition:

    • The plugins included with Photoshop 6 can be executed, applied and previewed now
    • The plugins included with Photoshop 4, 5 and 5.5 work correctly now even, if plugin.dll isn't present in your system folder
    • Improved plugin crash protection: If a plugin should crash, you don't need to restart Plugin Commander Pro anymore to be able to execute other plugins.
    • Bug removed that caused problems when previewing in FFL View
    • 'Create FLL' and 'Convert' from FFL View work correctly again
    • No crash anymore when working with the 'virtual filters' in Plugin View in Photoshop Mode


    New in Version 1.50 - September 2000

      • Multiple filter plugins like EyeCandy are supported and displayed correctly in Plugin View
      • Support for several new plugin and file types:
        • All Photoshop-compatible plugin types (e.g. import, export, file format plugins), Photoshop Action files, Paintshop Pro tubes, Illustrator plugins, Ulead plugins, ACDSee plugins, Acrobat plugins, ActiveX plugins, Avid Express plugins, Corel I/E Filter plugins, Hollywood FX effects, Adobe Indesign plugins, Lightwave plugins, Maya plugins, Painter plugins, PhotoImpact plugins, Photo-Paint plugins, QuarkXpress XTensions, Quick Time extensions, trueSpace plugins, Ultimate Paint plugins
      • Define additional plugin types yourself in the new 'Plugin Types' tab sheet in Preferences
      • Importing and reading FFX (Filter Unlimited) source code files is supported (but not all of them will work with Filter Factory)
      • New method of disabling plugins
      • Menu reworked: Preview menu commands were moved to the File menu
      • Folder list in Folder menu:
        • The folder list is saved differently now, so it will be empty when you firstly use this version
        • 'Auto Top' Check box in Preferences to make the latest selected folders move automatically to the top of the folder list
        • The number of items in the folder list is limited to 20 folders by default. This will make the folder menu better usable. The limit can be nevertheless edited in Preferences.
      • Smaller changes:
        • Dragging and droping files to a folder moves the files into this folder (doesn't work in Classic mode)
        • EXE file which are executed within Plugin Commander are automatically added to the Apps menu if the 'Auto Add' check box is activated in the Apps tab sheet in Preference.
        • New 'Send Email' commands in the Help menu for sending comments, feedback and telling about problems.
        • Double clicking greyscaled vertical or horizontal bars will collapse or expand a dialog
      • Several smaller bugs fixed

      Pro Edition:

      • Improved execution of Photoshop-compatible plugins:
        • The effect of all Photoshop-compatible plugins (not only Filter Factory plugins) can now be calculated by Plugin Commander. The preview JPG files aren't necessary anymore which makes the setup much smaller.
        • You can run Photoshop-compatible plugins directly within Plugin Commander by e.g. double clicking them.
      • Improved simulation of Photoshop's Filter menu
      • Changing the category of filters that are contained in a multiple filter plugin is possible now
      • Enabling and disabling of the new and self defined plugin types in Plugin View
      • You can place preview images for plugins of any type in the Preview sub folder to make them display in the Preview window. Read the text file in the Preview sub folder for more details.
      • Premiere Filter Factory 5.1c and Premiere Transition Factory 5.1a/5.1c files are supported now
      • All cache files will be rebuilt by Plugin Commander 1.50. This is necessary, because the cache format has changed and multiple filter plugins wouldn't be displayed correctly otherwise.
      • Picture Editor:
        • The 'Plugins' menu was removed. The 'External Plugins' command in the Filters menu displays a new dialog for applying all kinds of Photoshop-compatible plugins.
      • Batch dialog:
        • Added filters can be modified in the FF Editor by double clicking them. You don't have to leave the Batch dialog anymore to do this.
        • New Features: 'Create Empty Image' feature for creating random textures, 'Add ... to filename' to rename files automatically and a 'Clear' button to remove added filters
        • Batch tasks can be canceled with the ESC key
      • Browser:
        • Right clicking on thumbnails displays the Command menu. It can be used to perform various tasks directly in the Browser.
        • Double clicking plugins executes them
        • New 'Refresh' command
      • A so called Crash Inspector was built-in for tracking missbehaving 8bf plugins which cause a crash. Crash Inspector will put them on a black list and warn you the next time you want to run them. If they work properly the next time they will be removed from the back list.
      • 'No Dialog' checkbox in Preferences for creating FF plugins that don't display a dialog
      • Dozens of bug fixes



    New in Version 1.02 - December 1999


      • A ? button was placed on some dialogs to display the appropriate help file
      • The F1 key can now be used on every dialog to display the appropriate help file
      • The Help files were corrected and extended.
      • Kill Folder(s) command erases multiple folders at once
      • You can now move a folder with drag 'n' drop or additionally with the Move command
      • You can use the Alt + Cursor keys in the Filter Download dialog to change the position of the URLs
      • Clicking on the folder label will pop up the folders context menu
      • Move command works in Plugin View now
      • Switching to Plugin View in the root folder doesn't cause problems anymore
      • Copy to root folder works now
      • Select Folder dialog bug removed
      • Some smaller bug fixes

      Pro Edition:

      • New Unzip & Run command for viewing the content of zip files and executing files from within zip files.
      • When switching to Plugin View all sub folders are scanned recursively for plugins and not only the first level of sub folders. This will give you a more precise overview over your plugins especially in Photoshop Mode. You can also view all plugins on your hard drive by selecting the root folder and switching to Plugin View.
      • Under some circumstances double clicking plugins in Plugin View caused problems when switching back to Filter View. That's fixed now.
      • The Browser didn't recreate the cache sub folder automatically if it was accidentally deleted. This led to unnecessary error messages.
      • Automatically creating sub folders with the Unzip command works perfect now.
      • Undo works correctly in the Picture Editor when pressing Cancel in filter factory plugins
      • *-button for generating random filter effects in the Batch Processing dialog
      • Non-24bit images are now automatically converted to 24bit when filters are applied in the Batch Processing dialog
      • Using GIF as Output Format doesn't cause problems anymore in the Batch Processing dialog


    New in Version 1.01 - November 1999


      • Three new menu items to allow easy access to the folder, preview image and application menu lists
      • The most recently accessed folders are now added at the top of the folder list
      • Completely reworked Filter Download dialog
      • FF Editor's Save As command uses the correct folder now
      • Premiere 5.1 FF plugins are now recognized correctly
      • New Help > Online menu
      • Cancelling the save file dialogs in the Picture Editor and main window doesn't display an error message anymore
      • The File View Mode is now remembered between sessions
      • The File Information menu item has been renamed Properties
      • Small main window resize correction

      Light Edition:

      • Freeze problem removed occurring with the PhotoOptics plugins now fixed
      • Right click in Classic Mode used to cause a crash
      • Open Pic in FF Editor used to refuse to load BMP files
      • The preview image can now be saved

      Pro Edition:

      • New Find command which invokes the standard Windows Find dialog in File and Plugin View. In FFL View the Find command replaces the former Search command.
      • The category and filter name of Premiere FF plugins are now displayed and saved correctly in the FF Editor


      Version 1.0 - October 1999

      • First Release



      Version 0.4.24 - February 1999

      • Last free beta version


      Version 0.4 - August 1998

      • Free beta version


      Version 0.3 - January 1998

      • Free beta version


      Version 0.2 - November 1997

      • Free beta version


      Version 0.1 - October 1997

      • Inofficial unpublished alpha version



      8bf2prm 0.99 - 1.11 - September/October 1997

      • Ancestor of Plugin Commande for converting Photoshop Filter Factory to Premiere Filter Factory files. Freeware.



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