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(by Robin Rowlands)


The settings in this tutorial are only a guideline, and will reproduce something like the flare below.
Experiment to find what you like best for yourself.


Step 1: Start with a square, filled with a color from yellow to orange. (Of course you can modify everything here to other colors of your own taste, choosing and moving color sliders appropriately.)

  Step 2: Apply Plugin Galaxy Coolorize > Twilight to create a ball of graduated color, using approximately the settings below.
  For the colors we are using here, Blue sliders are not relevant.

Adjusting the Green sliders will increase the amount of yellow in the "ball".

Adjusting the Red sliders will increase the amount of red.

You will notice that even with Intensity set to a maximum of 255 your ball is still filling too much of the square.

  Step 3: You want a bigger black border area, so that the beams of the finished flare are not cut off at the edges.

To decrease the size of the ball, you can either apply Coolorize > Fade, or go back to Coolorize > Twilight and adjust the Intensity slider to the left. The smaller the slider number, the bigger the ball will be. Here, Intensity was set all the way to Zero.

  Step 4: Apply the Warp > Flower filter.

There are only three sliders: X, Y and Intensity. Adjust them to your own taste. Your initial application should have fairly "broad", soft beams.

  Step 5: Apply the filter again, to create more and finer beam lines. This creates the flare effect.
  Step 6: If you want a softer look, you can use Bluuur > Outburst Blur. Here the slider values were set to D Intensity = 0 and M Intensity = 255.

  Step 7: Finish your flare with a single big Nature > Star.
  Variation 1: The same effects applied using blue.
  Variation 2: Warp > Wave and Nature > Sunset were applied after Step 6.
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