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Doing Funny Faces with Plugin Galaxy



Step 1: Open a photo which contains the portrait of a person.


Step 2a: Activate the Feedback > Simple effect. Set the first and last slider to the minimum value and the two sliders in between to their maximum value. Then activate the Angulate check box and right click a bit to the left of the center of the preview. This should create a kind of joker face.


Step 2b: To create a macho face right click a bit below of the center of the preview.


Step 2c: For a balloon or alien face right click a bit above the center of the preview.


Step 2d: For a jerk face right click a bit below and right of center of the preview.





Variation 1: To create a radial feedback portrait deactivate the check boxes, drag the Feedback slider to around 3/4 of its range and the Zoom slider to around 1/4 of its range.


Variation 2: For a glass cut portrait select the Feedback > Special effect. Drag the Feedback slider to 3/4 of its range and the other sliders to 1/2.


Variation 3: To do some horror scenarios try the Sinus or Cosinus Feedback effects.


Variation 4: Last but not least, the Warp effect group proves to be useful for creating funny faces, too. For this example the Warp > Ripple Wave effect was used with the first slider set to zero.


Variation 5: This example was done similar to Variation 4, but additionally the Angulate check box was activated and the coordinate cross was placed by right clicking on the preview.


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