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Creating Metal Frames with Plugin Galaxy



Step 1: Begin by opening a new image with a black background.


Step 2: Apply an Edge Tool effect. Select a white color by clicking on the color box and adjust the sliders to produce an edge that matches your taste.


Step 3: Apply the Cross Blur effect of the Bluuur plugin. But you can also apply any other kind of blur effect that is available in your graphics application.


Step 4: Select the Fusion group, select the Metal effect and press the Reset button to get a gold color. Adjust the thickness of the frame with the first slider.


Step 5: Use the Magic Wand tool to select the inner area of the frame and fill it with white color, then select the other area and fill it with black.

Tip: Don't forget to feather the selection to avoid jaggies.


Step 5: Select the inner area of the frame again, invert the selection and copy it to the clipboard. Then open a photo, resize it to the size of the frame and paste the frame as a new layer over the photo.


Variation 1: For this version a normal Gaussian Blur was used in step 3 to achieve a rounded frames.


Variation 2: One of the Rainbow effects was applied after Step 4 with the Multiply slider set to 5.


Variation 3: Besides using Gaussian Blur, in the Step 4, the Blue slider of the Fusion plugin was set to 255 and the Red and Blue silders to 0. Additionally the Butter effect of the Breakfast group was applied with the Shadow check box activated.


Variation 4: Between Step 4 and 5 a Fusion effect was applied again with the Red, Green and Blue sliders set to 200.

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