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Simulating Sunsets with Plugin Galaxy



Step 1: Open a photo which contains a sky.


Step 2a: To create an early sunset effect, select the Nature > Sunshine effect and press the Reset button. To position the effect correctly right click on the preview.


Step 2b: A late sunset effect is achieved by additionally activating the Invert check box and reducing the value of the Intensity slider.


Step 2c: For an after twilight effect reduce the value of the Brightness slider and place some twinkling stars with the Nature > Star effect.





Variation 1: To create less colorful sunset effects, you can use the Sunshine effect of the Sunshine group. Use the Brightness slider to adjust the effect.


Variation 2: By activating the Invert check box and adjusting the effect with the Size slider, you can dim the whole photo and leave only a small lighten area.


Variation 3: You can also use the Coolorize effect group to create interesting sunset effects. For this example the Twilight effect was used.


Variation 4: At first Coolorize > Fade was applied, then the Sunshine > Sunset was used to add the sun.


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