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Doing Text Effects with Plugin Galaxy



Step 1: Open a new image with white background.


Step 2: Add any black text you like.


Step 3: Create a selection from the black text with magic wand tool or use the selection that was created when adding the text. Then contract the selection by a few pixels to leave a black border.


Step 4: Apply one of the Synthesizer effects.


Step 5: Expand the text selection by the same pixel amount you contracted it before. To add some depth apply a standard drop shadow effect.




Variation 1: In Step 4 a Rainbow effect was used.


Variation 2: In Step 4 Breakfast with activated Shadow check box was applied. After that the shadow effect was colored to brown to achieve a wood look.


Variation 3: The Noise Creator effect of the Noiseee group was used in Step 4. Then the Magic Invert effect of the Coolorize group was applied.


Variation 4: At first one of the Fusion effects was applied to create a bevel effect. Then a Breakfast effect was used to generate a shadow effect. And finally the Fusion effect was applied again.


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