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Turning Photos into Seamless Textures with Plugin Galaxy


Step 1: Open any photo you like. The quality of the photo isn't important eighter.

Step 2: Resize the photo to the size you want the final texture to be e.g. 160x160.

Step 3: Select the Warp group in Plugin Galaxy and apply a Warp effect to the photo.

Step 4: To spice up the colors use one of the Coolorize effects.

Step 5: Finally use the Mirror group to create a seamlessly mirrored texture. For the example picture the Crossing Left effect of Mirror was used.

Tip: Right click on several places within the preview and try different effects until you're satisfied with the result.

Step 6: To give the texture a more individual touch, you can further use the Noise Painting effect from Noiseee.

Variation 1: The Star effect from the Nature group can give the texture a more special touch.

Variation 2: Use one of the Grid effect to give the texture a grid look.

Variation 3: Use the Metal effect of the Fusion group to create metalic or grey variations.

Variation 4: Use the Xenon or Pop Art effect of the Fusion group to create some colorful variations.


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