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Adding Dynamics to Photos with Plugin Galaxy



Step 1: Open any photo whose elements preferably have a vertical orientation like the one to the left.


Step 2: Select the whole photo and paste it as a new layer.


Step 3: Select the Linear Mask effect of the Alpha Tool group and click on the preview to blend out the area you want to leave unchanged. You may have to use the slider to adapt the blending range and activate the Invert check box.


Step 4: Activate the Bluuur group, select the Cross Blur effect and apply it with the first slider set to 8 or 16 and the second set to zero.

As you can see only the area that was visible in the Alpha Tool preview was affected.


Variation 1: This time the Circular Mask effect of the Alpha Tool and Outburst Blur from Bluuur was used.


Variation 2: Same as Variation 1, but this time with Cross Blur and the first slider set to zero. Additionally the Transparency was adapted with the Alpha Fade effect.


Variation 3: Same as Variation 1 or 2, but instead of the Bluuur filters a normal 8-pixel Gaussian Blur was applied.


Variation 4: For this one the Frame I effect of the Alpha Tool and Cross Blur from Bluuur with both sliders set to 8 was used.


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