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Creating a Bubble

(by Robin Rowlands)


Step 1: Choose a background color to suit the filter you use. Some practice might be needed to learn which colors work well together. (However, as you can always recolor the final result, it's not that important.)


Step 2: Use any of the filters with a radial gradient style - such as Rainbow, Coolorize > Twilight, Nature >Sunset etc. This is Coolorize > Twilight, with the Sepia Twilight preset. If you use a filter which allows you to set a preview coordinate, you can have the main light point on the bubble off center.


Step 3: Select a circle to take in what you want of the filter result.


Step 4: Promote or copy the circle to a layer.


Step 5: On another new layer, make a circle selection to create a highlight - doesn't matter where or what size. Make a cutting selection to create a "sliver". Feather the selection for a smoother result.


Step 6: Fill with white, e.g. with the paint bucket tool. (This highlight is probably too big, but it's an example.)


Step 7: Apply Bluuur > Full Blur a few times to soften the highlight. Reduce the opacity of the layer to suit what you want. Scale, position and rotate the sliver to your requirements.


Step 8: Merge your visible layers. Colorize, copy and paste and scale as desired.


Step 9: Finished off with Plugin Galaxy's Blue Mood preset and a photo. This shows you can get quite creative with something as simple as a bubble!


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