Plugins for Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, PSP & others

Commercial Photoshop Plugins

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Number of Companies: 212



  • FaceAge: Manipulates the age or weight of persons in digital photos.


  • Neat Image: Reduce visible noise and grain in digital photographic images.


  • Gallery Effects: Enhanced versions of the native Photoshop plugins. Not sold anymore.
  • RAW and JPG2000: Import RAW files from various cameras and open and save JP2 files. Not sold anymore. Included in Photoshop CS and later.

AFH Systems

  • Filter Meister: Sophisticated tool for creating your own plugins

AGD (Out of Business???)

  • Color Temperature Plug-in: Correct color temperature with floating point precision.

Age Technologies

  • PlaidMaker: Create any type of yarn dye fabrics like plain, sateen, diamond, twill, basket, herringbone and more
  • ColorVision: create new colorways from a scanned fabrics without losing there original textures or shadings
  • StyleDraper: Apply new fabric instantly to existing models, then start building a catalogue without actually producing any sample garments
  • ColorChart: Match any color in a design and easily duplicate it with a single click
  • MotifStudio: Total control on the type of repeat needed to create the final design: free, tossed, border, stripe, engineer and more.


  • Retoucher: Eliminates dust, scratches, texts and even small objects with a mouse click
  • Chameleon: Automatic adjustment of inserted objects to the target image color range
  • Stamp: Allows retouching image imperfections (stains, scratches, dust) using similar parts of the image
  • Enhancer: Allows detecting details from underexposed, overexposed and mid tone areas of a photo without manipulating exposure
  • Coloriage: Colorization of black and white photos and replacing of colors on a color photo
  • Noise Buster: Reduces both luminance and color noise on digital images without spoiling other aspects of the photo
  • Sketch: Converts an image into a pencil sketch or a watercolor drawing with a few mouse clicks
  • Decorator: Change the surface of an object in a verisimilar way
  • LightShop: Light effects
  • Art Suite: Collection of versatile effects for decoration of photos Magnifier: Tool for increasing image resolution
  • ArtWork: Imitates different painting techniques: oil painting and comics.

ALAP (Acquired by Quark)

  • PlateMaker: Exports DCS 2.0 files. Adds extra plates for varnishes, foil stamps, metallic inks, and spot colors to separations. Not sold anymore???

Alien Skin

  • Blow Up: Offers high quality image resizing
  • Bokeh: From changing the depth of field to placing a radial sweet spot and adding a vignette.
  • Exposure: Recreate the look of traditional B/W and color films
  • Eye Candy: Create chrome, brushed metal, glass, bevels, shadows, reflections and more.
  • SnapArt: Creates natural media artwork in a single step
  • Xenofex (discontinued): Realistic natural phenomena and sophisticated distortions
  • Splat! (discontinued): combines frames, textures, edges, borders, mosaics and more
  • Image Doctor (discontinued): removes blemishes and defects, quickly repairs over-compressed JPEGs, and seamlessly replaces unwanted details and objects


  • LuraWave: reads and writes LuraWave compressed images. Not sold anymore????

AliveColors (Out of Business???)

  • AliveColors: corrects up to eight colors simultanuesly


  • imageSynth: Create seamless textures from any source photograph

Alpha Plugins

  • Digitalizer: Lets you create an illustration consisting of symbols or that of a digital matrix whose components form an initial picture
  • Engraver: Produce pictures that resembles an old engravings
  • Fire: Depicts various flames and fires
  • Lens Pro: Create many beautiful lenses and glass objects Alpha Strip: Make cutting edge alpha-channel images
  • IcePattern: Create a variety of frosty ice patterns
  • RedEyes: Removes the red eye effect often caused by a flash camera


  • PhotoProto: automatically turns Photoshop artwork into a working, interactive prototype that can be packaged, emailed and executed


  • Photography: includes cMulti, Mezzo Line-Screen, B & W mezzo line-art, Diffract, Prism and Rainbow, Halo, Reflection, Star and Velocity filters
  • Three-D: for 3D visualization, 3D scene creation, Surface wrapping and Package Design
  • Three-D Luxe: Enhanced Version
  • Screens: Converts gray-scale into a wide variety of different line art screens featuring mezzotints, sharp contrast mezzograms, mezzoblends, ellipses, lines, circles, spokes, waves or any blended combination.
  • Techtures: 500 hand rendered realistic textures to explore texturing effects
  • Shadow: Perspective shadows with a Virtual Camera, Stereo 3D viewing, Multiple shadowing with four movable lights
  • Velociraptor: Velocity trails ahead may arc, bounce, cascade, converge, curve, decline, diminish, jolt, jitter, loop, spiral, spring, streak, trail or wave.
  • VariFocus: Lets you focus/defocus features in your image with custom control.
  • Measurement: For Medical-Scientific Graphic Arts Images
  • Cutline: Stamp directional screens
  • LensDoc: Corrects the barreling and pin-cushioning image distortions produced by many zoom and wide angle lenses.
  • Perspective: 360 degree rotation of images in any direction.
  • EtchTone
  • ScatterLight Lenses: digital lenses for scattering highlights
  • RedEye Pro: RedEye removal


  • AmphiSoft Filters: Image correction and special effects
  • Photosharpen: Sharpens photos by removing their edge anti-aliasing
  • Photo Detailer: Recover detail from unevenly lit or poorly exposed photos

Antelligent MicroSystems

  • Color Darkroom: allows you to edit and fine tune your printer's color profiles

Ardfry Imaging

  • PNGOUT: Creates optimized PNG images that are usually smaller than those created with Save for Web and ImageReady


  • SymmetryShop: create repeat patterns rom scanned hand-painted motifs and high-resolution photographs

Asiva (Out of Business ???)

  • Sharpen+Soft: gives the user the control over sharpening or softening image areas.
  • Correct+Apply Color: change the color in your images.
  • Shift+Gain: make nearly seamless selections then facilitates extremely accurate adjustments to the Hue, Saturation, Value and Red, Green, Blue Components of the image in one Filter pass
  • Grain: allows you add grain to images on one or more color channels seperately.
  • JPEG Deblocker: prepares a JPEG file for subsequent image enhancement by smoothing out the blocks in low saturation high luminance areas while preserving detail in the rest of the image.
  • Selection: utilizes the Asiva technology and mapping techniques to create selections in Photoshop 8 or 16-bit files

  • FITSPlug: A file format plugin that offers support for FITS, a format for astronomical images.


  • Perfectly Clear: Instantly gives you one click correction to perfection.


  • PhotoPro Tools : For coping with image distortions and digital photo artefacts. Not sold anymore???
  • CoCo : Selective color correction without masking in RGB, Lab, CMYK and MultiChannels
  • CoCo Multi Channel: Tool for t-shirt printing and creating spot color separations, bump plates and masks

Auto FX

  • Photo/Graphic Edges: adds torn, ripped, deckled, feathered, painted, film frames and darkroom styled edges to any grayscale or color image.
  • DreamSuite Series One: 18 visual design solutions for type, graphics and photographs
  • DreamSuite Series Two: 12 new plugins
  • DreamSuite Gel Series: add reflective and refractive depth effects. Includes advanced brush based tools to let you paint on depth and translucent reflections, colors and textures.
  • AutoEye 2.0: rebuild lost detail and color in images
  • Mystical Lighting: 16 lighting and shading effects
  • Mystical Tint, Tone and Color (MTTC): 38 color effects

Axion (Out of Business)

  • Flare Effects: create a wide varitity of Lens Flares, Sparkles and other wild effects. Not sold anymore
  • Glow and Sparkle: allows you to create a wide varitity of Glows, Sparkles and other effects. Not sold anymore

AV Bros

  • PageCurl: realistic and high quality turning page effect
  • Puzzle Pro: lets you produce realistic and high quality jig-saw puzzle effect


  • PhotoZoom: Render sharp and crisp clear image magnification without the jagged edges, loss of detail or lack of photorealism


  • Better JPEG Lossless Resave: Avoid recompression loss when editing and resaving JPEG images in Photoshop.

Bitmix (Out of Business???)

  • biTmiX: or creating impressive signs, reflections and other decorations and for plastic textures, foundations and backgrounds production

Box Top Software (Out of Business)

  • ProJPEG: JPEG tool for Web graphics professionals
  • PhotoGIF: tool for Web graphics production
  • ImageVice: color reduction
  • ColorSafe: provides fully interactive color pickers for the easy creation of almost limitless hybrid colors from the base colors in the Web safe palette. 

Camera Bits

  • Quantum Mechanics: Removes color noise and color artifacts while preserving maximum image detail. Not sold anymore???
  • Band Aide: Removes luminance noise from high ISO and underexposed digital photos. Not sold anymore???


  • Real Texture Tools: Dehaze Filter, Color Correction for Correcting Image Luminance and Chromaticity, AutoTile automatically creates seamlessly tileable texture patterns, Perspective corrects perspective distortions, Synthesis creates a wide assortment of synthetic textures using fractal geometry.

Chroma Graphics (Out of business)

  • Chromatica, Edge Wizard, Magic Mask

Chroma Software (Out of business)

  • Shadow Control : Boost details in otherwise lost, dark areas of deep shadow of the image while preserving details in highlights
  • Highlight Control: Extracts details from the highlights
  • Photographic Filters: Variety of Cokin graduated and solid filters
  • Smart Sharpen: Sharpening tool that works on the edges, while leaving the featureless areas intact.
  • IR Film: Emulates the look of infra red film, or a photo taken with a digital camera and infra red filter
  • WhiteBalance: Changes the white balance of JPEG photosds


  • MRWFormat: Open Minolta raw files

ColorUtilities (Out of Business???)

  • JPEG 2000 Adobe Photoshop Plug-In: Load and save (8 bit and 16 bit signed/unsigned) JPEG2000 compliant files

Colorfield Digital Media (Out of Business???)

  • Insight: allows designers to predict image legibility for color deficient viewers by accurately simulating color blindness.

Color Science

  • i2e Photoshop plug-in: Allows Photoshop users to use the Colour-Science i2e image enhancement technology


  • DoctorPRO: Editing of output profiles using virtually all of the Photoshopglobal editing tools.
  • ProfilerPro : Uses popular patch readers to create and edit CMYK and RGB profiles for color printers, PostScript printers and RIPs.
  • PrintFIX: maintain consistency from your monitor to any number of RGB printers


  • ConGo Plugins Import/Export/Filter Plugins: Allow you to open old C64 images in your image application. The C64 was the world's favorite home computer in the mid 80s and had a maximum color resolution of 160x240 pixel, 64K RAM and a 8bit processor.


  • KPT Collection: remarkable image transformations and original effects
  • KnockOut: Masks hair, smoke, shadows, water, transparencies and any blurred or out-of-focus edges


  • Powertone: dynamic and colorful images that can be printed with only two inks. Not sold anymore???


  • CurveMeister: image corrections with various curves and color models


  • Image: advanced, interactive JPEG image compressor. It features selective (regional) image compression.


  • Hotshot: A selection of image-enhancement controls one one dialog
  • Retrogade: Recreate classic effects as if you were shooting with traditional black & white film
  • Flueron: Ultra-violet/fluorescent style colour shifts
  • Alienator: alternative approach to colour-modification effects

Cytopia (out of business, but web site is still available)

  • Photo Optics: correction and color special effects


  • Jade: Enhance image colors, contrast and dynamics, while preserving the overall quality of your images


  • Digital Disk Recorder: Video capture/layoff for Digital Disk Recorders via ethernet and SCSI for image input/ouput

Diard Software

  • Universe Image Creator: Create realistic images of space including stars, nebula, galaxies, and more

Digi Effects

  • Web Euphoria: Including AgedFilm, an amazing old-movie effect, StarField, FogBank, VideoLook, Sabbatier and many more. Not sold anymore???

Digital Anarchy

  • Primatte Chromakey: Take a foreground image of any resolution shot against a single color background, and replace that color with whatever you want.
  • Backdrop Designer: Create resolution-independent backgrounds
  • Texture Anarchy: For creating textures and borders
  • ToonIt! Photo: Give your photos that sought-after cartoon look

Digital Element

  • Aurora: add natural elements to any 2D PhotoShop image to enhance an existing picture or create new content from scratch
  • Verdant: allows users to randomize, rotate, scale, and place plants and trees in Photoshop.
  • Modelshop: Add 3D models to your images

Digital Film Tools

  • Light!: Adds light to the scene just as if you were adding a light at the time of shooting
  • Ozone: Independently adjustes the color and brightness of 11 brightness zones
  • Snap: Interactive image cutout tool using a coarse to fine editing approach
  • EZ Mask: Interactive image masking tool capable of extracting almost any object in an image
  • Power Mask: Realtime, interactive tool capable of extracting almost any object in an image
  • Power Stroke: Interactive stroke-based interface to quickly and intuitively perform targeted adjustments
  • 55mm and Digital Film Lab were sold to Tiffen. See below!

Digital Workshop (out of usiness)

  • Elemental: Create textures and patterns from stormy skies to burnished oak, from lava flows to dappled water.

Digifrontiers/Spinwave (out of business)

  • HVS ColorGIF, HVS JPEG: have been discontinued.

Divine Project

  • Divine Elemente: Exports designs from Photoshop to WordPress


  • DreamText: 3D fonts that can be rendered to your image with the help of a plugin.


  • Eye Fidelity Tools: specialized processing solutions for professionals using digital cameras, scanners and printers in proofing as well as production


  • DxO FilmPack: Simulates the colors and the grain of over 20 popular film types and transforms images into toned print
  • DxO ViewPoint: Perspective correction

Dynasty Software

  • Dynasty Studio Plugins: 40 plugins with effects that are known from Filter Factory filters


  • Photomizer: Image optimization of the next generation


  • PTLens: Corrects lens pincushion/barrel distortion, chromatic aberration and vignetting

Escape Motions

  • Flame Painter: Create original artworks, light effects, unconventional design or beautiful backgrounds


  • Deskpak Flexo Tools: Resolve flexo specific printing issues and allow Photoshop operators to visualize changes
  • Deskpak Ink Tools: Spot color ink retouching in Adobe® Photoshop made easy


  • EZlect: Creates selections with soft antialiasing by clicking on the object and background areas in an image.


  • De.Haze: Removes atmospheric haze from images to see more details from objects far away
  • QR Code Generator: Creates QR Codes


  • Mask Pro, Intellihance Pro, PhotoFrame, pxl SmartScale, PhotoTools: were sold to onOne Software. See below!

Fantastic Machines

  • FM Tile Tools: 21 image altering filters
  • IFX PaintEngine: 6 brush types, 3 brush stroke algorithms, and 88 parameters to give each choice an unprecedented amount of variety

FDR Tools

  • FDRCompressor: Compress the tonal value range of an image

Brian Fernandes

  • Wallpampered: Change your desktop wallpaper from within Photoshop


  • FilterForge: Build your own filters for creating seamless textures, visual effects, distortions, patterns, backgrounds and more


  • FocusFixer: Restores out-of-focus images
  • NoiseFixer: Designed to remove 'noise' or 'graininess' from images
  • ShadowFixer: Corrects problems caused by differing exposure levels in photos.
  • SizeFixer : Enlarge your photos up to A1 size
  • TrueBlur: Blur regions of your photos just as your camera would.

Flaming Pear

  • Super BladePro: surface and texture generator
  • Design Sextet: Six plugin filters to warp, recolor, abuse and dreamify your images. Includes Aetherize, Twist, Swerve, Lacquer, Silver, and Glare.
  • Flood: realistic pseudo-3D watery reflections with control over waves, ripples, and perspective
  • Melancholytron: Make pictures moody, nostalgic, and somehow sad
  • Hue and Cry: Create abstract regions of color: vivid or pallid, structured or diffuse, endless weird imagery
  • LunarCell: Instant planets. Fractal, reality-based, or just strange worlds
  • Flexify: Bend spherical panoramas into vertiginous new shapes
  • Glitterato: Stars and nebulas with lots of realism and little fuss
  • SolarCell: Create suns in a fantasy style. Design your own sun with controls for every part of its appearance
  • India Ink: Convert color images to unusual black-and-white halftones
  • Mr. Contrast: Add dramatic contrast to photos and hyper-emphasize detail.
  • Tesellation: turn any graphic into a seamlessly repeating tile
  • Knot: Twisted 3-D abstractions
  • Polymerge: Combine image gangs into bizarre composites
  • Creative Pack: Winding edges, undulating surfaces, bright colors and patterns.

Flo's Filters

  • UnDistort: For correcting deformations of photos

Fo2PIX (Out of Business)

  • Buzz.Pro: Helps find image high and low-lights over a large range of scales, helps find the 'artists line', simplifies to produce blocks of colour.
  • Buzz.X: Run a desired effect or style across multiple images allowing the creation of stunning artistic video. Create a living painting.


  • FocusMagic: corrects both "out of focus" blur and motion blur

Furbo Filters (Out of Business)

  • Furbo Designer Pack is now available as Creative Pack from Flaming Pear. See above!


  • flAIR: eight fast high quality filters
  • LensCare: depth of field and out of focus generation


  • FabricWeaver: generate tens of thousands of different woven fabrics in photorealistic detail

Gamut Imaging (Out of Business)

  • ImageBook: enables people to create proof sheets consisting of thumbnail images in any size and style


  • AcuFilters: six filter plugins for blurring, sharpening, masking, removing noise and increasinf saturation

GraphicXtras (previously Sapphire Innovations)

  • Andrew's Plugins vol 20: GXContrasted
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 19: Circus Daze
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 18: Carnival gradient colors
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 17: Edge / Sketch plugins
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 16: Gradients
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 15: 100s of Color effects
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 14: Motion
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 13: Distortions /patterns / tiling plugins
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 12: Gradients
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 11: Blend Blurs
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 10: Colors Surreal
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 9: Gradient Blurs
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 8: Gradient Smears
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 7: Gradients Patterns
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 6: Color cutoff
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 5: noise effects
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 4: Blurs / lines
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 3: Photo
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 2: Distort/blur
  • Andrew's Plugins vol 1: 26 mixed


  • GrowCut: An interactive image cutout tool designed to extract solid or opaque objects.

HDR Soft

  • Tone Mapping: Tone Mapping function of Photomatix Pro available as Photoshop plugin

Hot Door

  • Harmony: pick perfect color schemes right inside Photoshop. Not sold anymore???

Human Software

  • AutoCorrect: Reclaim Lost Colors and Details in Photos
  • AutoDenoise: Reduce Noise for sharper and crispier images
  • AutoMask: Perform Precise Masking Fast... Hairs, Trees, Smokes, Transparencies, Blurred Edges
  • AutoFocus: Denoise, deblur and sharpening tools
  • AutoSelect: Change selectively colors in RGB without building Mask
  • AutoSmooth: Smoothes surface and perform anti-aging while keeping image details
  • DepthField: DOF tool to put your subject in focus
  • ClassicFrames: tool to give the final classy touch to your images. MagicFrames: more than 400 ready made edges for all your images
  • MagicStyles: More than 500 Ready Made Effects
  • MagicTrack: A Drawing Application as a plug-in, circles, stars, frames
  • OttoPaths: Get and manipulate outline text within Photoshop
  • PhotoFract: Create your own fractal
  • PhotoFixLens: Correct barrel, pincushion and perspective distortions, vignetting and fringing PhotoLight: Generate photographic lighting effect
  • PhotoPatch: 200 ready made Patchwork/Weave/Mosaic
  • PhotoRepeat: Create your own Fabric / WallPaper PhotoSurface: 110 ready made textures or surfaces
  • PhotoSpray: brush with natural images
  • PhotoTessel: Select one of your images and you will get amazing new patterns
  • PhotoWeave: Create all kind of Plaids, Striped Fabrics or Patterns
  • SelectPro: perform accurate, very smooth color corrections without creating any mask
  • Squizz: all kind of distortions
  • SpiroMaker: Create Spirographs (Trochoids)
  • SmartPicker: Professional ColorPicker for Photoshop or Elements
  • StarMaker: Create stars/bursts as paths, selection or layers
  • Textissimo: 750 text effects
  • XFile: efficient Upsizing algorithms for very Important Image Enlargements

I C Net (Out of Business)

  • Filters Unlimited: A filter development system with 350 built-in filters


  • Bevel SE, Bevel Pro. Not sold anymore???


  • Picture Styles: Includes a plugin that transfers the image to the Picture Styles application, which offers many texture effects.


  • Background Remover: Select objects from images with complex background content by roughly marking colors inside and outside objects. Translucator: Extracts translucent objects (glass, smoke, fog, fur etc.) from image
  • Magic Denoiser: Dramatically improved the look of images without blurring the edges and fine details
  • Magic Sharpener: Sharpening without color halos and increased color noise
  • Magic Enhancer Pro: essentially improve your photos – adjust lightness, contrast and color balance.
  • Image Repainter: Borrows template image colors properties to change colors of source image.
  • Tile Builder: Creates seamless patterns using symmetry rules
  • Image Frame: Add frame and text to your photos.

ImageXpress (Out of Business???)

  • ScanPrepPro: automates Photoshop's tools to produce top quality color separations, halftones, and line art
  • Alius: takes posterization to a whole new level
  • Deep Bit Filters: lets you work on 16-bit images
  • AutoPilot: automatically turns that raw image into professional quality artwork, ready to publish on a printing press, a desktop printer or the web


  • MaskWarrior: automatic generation of masks and paths. Not sold anymore???
  • PathOptimizer: converts a mask into an optimized path. Not sold anymore???

The Imaging Factory (Out of Business)

  • Unsharp Mask, Debarrelizer, Perspective,Vignette, Squeeze, White Balance, White Point, Color Equalizer, Chromex I, Convert To B&W, Noise Reduction, Gaussian Blur, Simulated DOF, Soft-Focus, Graduated Color, Graduated Fog, Color Correction


  • Noiseware: The better way to remove noise
  • RealGrain: Simulates grain patterns and the look of film grain
  • Portraiture: Removes imperfections in portrait shots while retaining important picture detail

Image Trends

  • Fisheye-Hemi: Produces aesthetically pleasing images from a fisheye lens
  • PearlyWhites: Automatically whitens and brightens teeth.
  • ShineOff: Automatically removes the shine from skin.


  • Primate: remove objects from solid-colored backgrounds and composite them into new backgrounds

Impression FX

  • PaintEngine: Simulate paint techniques

Import EPS

  • Import EPS: imports level 1 or level 2 PostScript® or Encapsulated PostScript directly


  • PhotoPage: create high-quality digital and printable contact sheets. Not sold anymore???


  • Jpeg It!: allows easy baseline and progressive JPEG conversion. Not sold anymore???


  • Shadow Illuminator: Restores details in shadows through physical modeling of light and surfaces.

July 20th

  • DynamicRange Workshop : Enhances details and contrast, recovers highlight/shadow andincreases dynamic range of images
  • GlamFocus: Smart Sharpen, Smart Blur, Diffusion, Grain

Kelby's Notes (Not available anymore???)

  • Kelby's Notes: The answers to the top 100 most-asked Photoshop questions right in Photoshop


  • Kenebec Filters: 17 plug-in filters for digital imaging, e.g. for sharpening, noise reduction and monochrome conversion.

Kekus Digital Home

  • LensFix and Panotools: Extract flat images from panoramas, correct for lens distortions, re-map images between many different image projections. Based on Helmut Dersch's Panorama Tools.

Kinnetic FX

  • Color Swap Deluxe: Three types of grayscale conversion which comes in handy when regular grayscale conversion and desaturation don't cut it


  • KODAK Photo CD Acquire Module: lets you select, customize and import Photo CD images. Not sold anymore???

Kodak AFS (see also Image Trends)

  • Digital ROC : automatically restores color quality to digital images by removing the color cast from faded images and effects of tungsten and fluorescent lighting.
  • Digital SHO: The Digital SHO™ software plug-in automatically reveals details hidden in shadows commonly caused by exposure problems such as backlit subjects, uneven flash illumination and partial shade.
  • Digital GEM: Noise reduction plugin

Kuvic (Out of Business???)

  • Kuvic Filters: 13 special effects plugins


  • Foto Effects: Makes grads, corrects colours & distortions, softens and sharpens. Not sold anymore???

Lazy Nezumi

  • Lazy Nezumi Pro: Smoothes your mouse and pen tablet strokes in real time while you draw


  • Imagenie: Automatic colour correction. Not sold anymore???

Little Ink Pot

  • Sketcher - Create pencil and pen-and-ink sketch effects
  • PhotoGrey - Simple yet powerful greyscale conversion with extra features
  • Thredgeholder Pro - Very effective edge detection
  • Chalkaholic Pro - Powerfulvirtual art effects are possible with this one.


  • Genuine Fractals: was sold to onOne Software. See below.

Lokas Software

  • Artistic Effects: Aqua, Chrome, Drop, Ice, Metal and Snow effects
  • 3D Maker: Allows creation of pseudo 3D graphical elements out of 2D drawings

Lucis Art (Out of business)

  • Lucis Art: Correct scans and repair improperly exposed images, Accurately enhance the smallest image detail, Create a surrealistic, brilliantly colored image, Mimic a watercolor painting, Add a textured and sculptured appearance


  • imageSynth: Generates high-resolution, tiling images from low-resolution sources using advanced image synthesis algorithms


  • Digital Photography ToolKit: create realistic image composites at a fraction of the time and cost compared to conventional compositing methods

Magic Software

  • Magic Seperator: Not sold anymore???


  • DCE Tools: Various plugins for correcting, enhancing and fixing digital photos
  • ReDynaMix: Will give your ordinary image a punch with vivid colors and crisp color tonality
  • Color! Color!: Create bold, vivid colors without increasing the noise


  • SiteGrinder: Produce entire web sites from image layers in Photoshop


  • ZoomEngine (previously Quick Enlarger): Enlarges pictures with a better quality than the resize tool of Photoshop

Metacreations (see Corel)

  • Kai's Power Tools 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and KPT Convolver: Some are sold by Corel.


  • Pattern Workshop: create and edit patterns and use them to fill a selection. Not sold anymore???


  • Impressionist: A plugin for creating impressive brush effects. Isn't available anymore. It was once delivered with Image Composer as a part of Frontpage 98 and Frontpage 2000 Standalone.

Multimedia Lab

  • 3D Texture Painter: not sold anymore 

Fred Miranda

  • DRI Pro: Dynamic range increase automation plugin
  • BW Workflow Pro: B/W Conversion automation plugin
  • CSpro: Sharpening for specific DSLR camera files
  • ISOx Pro: Noise reduction automation plugin
  • SR Professional: Shadow recovery automation plugin
  • Intellisharpen: Sharpening automation plugin
  • SI Pro: Image enlarging automation plugin
  • ResizePro: Custom interpolation for specific DSLR cameras
  • Web Presenter Pro: Image downsampling automation plugin
  • Velvia Vision: Enhance color and tone in your photographs


  • Softener: add soft, glossy effects to your images
  • Autochromatic: creates colorized, greyscale, duotone and tritone style images.
  • Autointerlace: automatically creates the interlace effect you see on television screens

nik Multimedia

  • Sharpener: Sharpening tools for images of any size and for any output/print process
  • Color Efex: Fifty-five filters, including Sunshine, Polarization, Skylight, Graduated Sky Blue, Solarization, and many more
  • Dfine: Noise and JPG artifacts reduction and a detail enhancement plug-in.
  • Viveza: Selectively control color and light without the need for complicated selections or layer masks.
  • Silver Efex Pro: Create professional quality black and white images


  • Cinematte: blue screen keying/chromakeying

OnOne Software

  • Genuine Fractals: enables you to create resolution-independent images from any size file and lets you print superior quality enlargements without any degradation in image quality
  • Mask Pro: Versatile masking in Photoshop
  • Intellihance Pro: Fast and easy image enhancement
  • PhotoFrame: Endless border effects in Photoshop
  • pxl SmartScale:Creates high quality scaled images by preserving the color and brightness data contained in the original image
  • Essentials for Photoshop Elements: Correct color, remove unwanted backgrounds, add creative borders and resize your photos
  • PhotoTools: 150 photographic effects
  • FocalPoint: Put the focus where they want
  • PhotoTune: Six step process to correct the color in your digital photos


  • EasyS Plus SharpeningToolkit: Filter/action set to help sharpening your pictures
  • Tonality Tuning Toolkit: Filter/action set to help tuning the tonality of your pictures
  • Variations: Finetuning you pictures by using variations


  • ResizeIT: for resizing your images

Pangea Software

  • PanoPreviewer: Lets you preview equirectangular images as VR panoramas

Panopticum (Out of business)

  • Alpha Strip: a unique set of procedures for cutting the images on alpha channel.
  • Digitalizer: image can be represented by a letter matrix, the elements of which will form the shape of initial image
  • Engraver: cutting through images with thin lines that will form a geometric pattern as if engraving
  • Fire: realistic fire effects
  • Lens Pro: designing realistic lenses and 3D-crystals as well as crystalline 3D-models


  • Colors and Black: create duotones in Photoshop

Paravue (Out of Business???)

  • Turbo Mask: Cutout objects with one mouse click


  • Image Styles: Away to make an unlimited amount of beautiful and photo realistic graphic images in a minimal amount of time.


  • PCDip: creates indexes for Photo CDs


  • P4GT: Enables seamless access to version control for artists, developers and everyday users Photoshop. Not sold anymore???

Pegasus Imaging

  • JPEG Wizard: create smaller, faster downloading images without compromising quality
  • ImagePress JPEG2000: compress images to 100% compatible JPEG 2000 format


  • PhotoLightning: Makephoto prints, send emails without attachments, create slide shows, burn CD's, post photos to web logs, and make enhancements to photos


  • PhotoPurify: Makes the colors of a print match the colors on the screen.

Photo Toolbox

  • PT Portrait: Gain the unexpected portrait retouching results with an easy way

PhotoTune (Out of Business)

  • SkinTune was sold to OnOne Software.
  • 20/20 Color MD: Not sold anymore???


  • Primate: was sold to Imagica


  • iCorrect OneClick : Automatic white balance, exposure, and saturation correction with a single click
  • iCorrect Portrait: Point-and-click color correction software for portrait, wedding, school, sport, and event photographers
  • iCorrect EditLab Pro: High Speed Professional Color Correction and Color Management Software
  • inCamera: Create ICC profiles for digital cameras and scanners

Picture Code

  • Noise Ninja (Bundle Versions): Solution for removing noise and grain from digital photographs and scanned film images.


  • PixelEnlarge: An image enlargement tool specialized on non anti-aliased images.


  • PhotoKit: Provides digital replications of common analog photographic effects
  • PhotoKit Sharpener: Provides a complete sharpening workflow
  • PhotoKit Color: Precise color corrections, automatic color balancing and creative coloring effects
  • PhotoKit-EL: Gives you all the wonders of a darkroom without the chemicals. Not sold anymore???


  • McFilters: Nine plugin filters, which use information from the selection mask to modulate filter parameters


  • PhotoLift: Enhances local contrast and amplifies fine detail
  • EasySharp: Selective edge-sharpening


  • Artistic Halftone: Create stippling and halftone artwork in seconds


  • Photo Evolution Pro: Optimizes the white balance, shadows/highlights, contrast and sharpness of photos. Only available in German language.

  • blender: An interactive blend tool to fade images into each other quickly and easily.
  • elemental: Creates seamless patterns and textured designs which are entirely independent of resolution.
  • splatter: Scatter rain, snow, confetti, clouds or any other image across your picture.
  • textArt: Create and customise hundreds of special text effects

PluginMaster (Out of Business)

  • PluginMaster: Solution for managing and using plugins in your favorite application


  • Anti-aliasingr: Filter edge roughness and jagged edges in graphics and images.
  • Black Definition:Control black in photos and graphics as if it were a colorchannel.
  • Brightness: Edit brightness without loosing color
  • Color Correction: For color correction and removing colorcast
  • Color Fringe Remover: Remove chromatic aberrations
  • Contrast: Control black-white contrast independent of color-contrast and without changing color, hue or saturation
  • Radial Density: Correct radial exposure and radial brightness independently.
  • Dynamic Range Compression: Shadow illumination without artefacts like edge halos or fake illumination.
  • Edgeline: Convert photos and images to line-drawings
  • Equalization: Target equalization to lights, midtones and darks, as well to specific colors
  • Exposure: Correct under- or overexposure
  • Film Grain: Applies grain across brightness levels
  • Golden Section: Instantly draw any divine proportion on your image or a transparent layer as an aid for cropping and composition
  • Graduated Color: Digital equivalent of traditional graduated color filters
  • Histogram repair: Repair a posterized histogram
  • Illumination Editor: Change or edit the illumination in a photo
  • Lens Correction: Fix distorted photos with our lens tool.
  • Noise Filter: Five different methods to filter noise in digital photographs and images
  • Posterize: With this plugin you can posterize color hues and values independently and freely select any number of levels for either
  • Radial Density: Get even exposure from center to corner throughout the photo.
  • Saturation: Now you can edit saturation without splitting the image up into primary colors
  • Sharpness Editor: Sharpen photos and get sharper edges with our plugins novel unsharp masks
  • Soft Filter: This plug in does exactly the same as traditional lens soft-filters
  • Black & White Studio: Convert digital color to black and white photography.
  • Toned Photos: Tone your colorphoto or B/W photo sepia or like any other toned print.
  • Transparency: Transparent backgrounds and masks can easily be made for graphic design
  • White-balance Correction: Auto-mode calibrates the correct color-filter for any lightsource

Pro Digital Software

  • StarFilter: Add star filter effects to your images.


  • Lens Corrector: Corrects your lens aberrations; barrel, pin cushion, fish eye, translation or a combination of all.

Puffin Designs

  • Lens Flare Pro: doesn't seem to be sold anymore after the company was acquired by Pinnacle. See Digital Anarchy for Knoll Light Factory which is an enhanced version of it!

Ransen Software

  • Repligator Pro: 100 image effects

Redfield Plugins

  • Sketch Master: Create realistic looking hand-drawings from photos
  • Emblazer: Futuristic patterns and ornaments
  • Plasteroid : Tool for texturization of plain pictures and photo-frames making
  • Ripples Magic: Creates composite 3D surfaces
  • Texturation 3D: A multilayer texture mapper
  • Lattice XP: A 3D structure maker
  • Jama 2000: A deformation tool and pattern/texture generator Perfectum: Remove digital noise, enhance surface smoothness and improve edge antialiasing
  • iEmboss: Creates a colorful emboss
  • Expressionist: Precision tool for facial expression synthesis, for making caricatures from photos, and for animated portraits creation
  • Umatrix: Synthesizer of Geometric Abstractions.
  • Fractalius: Creates unusual, eccentric artworks

Red Giant Software

  • Magic Bullet PhotoLooks: Lets you manipulate and experiment with light while preserving essential photographic detail.
  • Knoll Light Factory: Allows you to design photo-realistic or enhanced lighting effects

Red Paw Media (Out of business)

  • Process FX : Digitally simulate traditional film cross-processing techniques
  • BleachBypass Pro: Recreate the atmospheric effects as seen in motion pictures
  • B&W Pro 2: Convert colour images to black and white the easy way
  • GradFilter: Apply solid and colour graduated density filters easily in post processing
  • Fog: Adds gradient fog effects to your photos

Red Prince

  • Pixie Dust Pro: Various color effects

Richard Rosenman

  • Advanced Color Corrector: Provides color correction controls
  • Lens Corrector PRO: For correcting camera lens distortion
  • 3D Sphere Pro: Generates 3D spheres with fully customizable object, surface, lighting, transparency and masking prope
  • Depth of Field Generator PRO: Depth of Field and Bokeh effects

Reindeer Graphics

  • Optipix: for enhancing digital photographs
  • Fovea Pro: for the computer-based image processing and measurement of images
  • Focus Extender: Combine an extended depth of field image stack into a single image
  • The Image Processing Tool Kit: tools that include most of the functions of Fovea Pro for 8 bit per channel greyscale and RGB color images, excluding those that deal with surface images, automation, and feature classification

RKD (Out of Business)

  • SmarterAR: removes artifacts and enhances detail in digital camera images.
  • SmarterNR: removes noise and grain from images
  • SmarterResize: Photoshop automation plug-ins that resize and set the resolution for images as the second to last step before printing or saving to the web
  • SmarterSharpenX: edge-sharpening tool
  • ChannelMixer: custom conversion to B&W

Sakurai Optics

  • IrisFilter: Gives the natural taste of camera lens to your images


  • PaintFX: real-time 64-bit vector paint effects

Sattwa (Russian web site) --> For a translated version see here: Sattwa

  • Descreen: Removes moire patterns from scanned images
  • Noise Reduction: noise reduction plugin


  • SVG Kit: SVG format support for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

Scarab Labs

  • Star Filter: Adds star streaks to lights and highlights in an image


  • SCC Plug-In Kit: an IPTC caption editing interface for Photoshop. Not sold anymore???


  • B+W Portrait & Family: six filter plugins for optimizing your photos
  • B+W Outdoor: six filter plugins for optimizing your photos

Second Glance (Out of Business)

  • ScanTastic: Scan directly into Adobe Photoshop or onto your desktop PhotoSpot: creates continuous tone separations using spot-color inks
  • Chromassage: color table manipulation and palette rotation as well as color 'injection' to colorize images into 24 bit space
  • PhotoCell: designed to provide animation from Adobe's popular image editor by converting Photoshop layers into animation files


  • Sharptype: Provides ultra-clear type at small point sizes, which will improve your compositions' readability dramatically.


  • SureSign Plug-ins: Allow you to embed and read SureSign watermarks in your digital images.


  • Silverfast : Application and plugin for scanning
  • DC VLT/Pro: RAW Converter and digital camera tools
  • HDR: Read raw files and process the data as if he had access to the original image on the scanner


  • Silver IR: emulate the look of IR images
  • APX 25, APX 100, Tri-X, PanX, TMAX, PlusX etc.: Turn your images into B/W
  • Warm/Sepia Toning Filter: For toning B&W photographs


  • TransluSense : Creates soft crossings between foreground and background and between different picture elements
  • Maskerade: Creates luminance masks, color masks, saturation masks and edge masks
  • ColorMixer: Somehow different channel mixer
  • GreyMixer: Converts color images into gray tone images

Sitejazz (Out of Business)

  • smartGIF: lets you divide a single Photoshop file into multiple Web ready GIFs

Stellar Science

  • NITF Escalator: File format plugin
  • J2K Escalator: File format plugin
  • ECW Escalator: File format plugin


  • ArtGallery: Oil-paint, Engrave, Hand-Draw and more
  • Rubber: deformation and plasticity effects: Rubber, Warp, Page Curl, and more

Supporting Computers

  • Artizen: Various tone mapping operator plugins


  • Distort: curve-lines gradient morpher-distorber, that use Photoshop paths like shape lines

Tech Pool

  • Transverter PI: brings PostScript rasterizing to Photoshop


  • Rastus: Creates high resolution stochastically screened bitmaps from halftone images

The Plugin Site

  • Plugin Galaxy: 160 special effects and 400+ presets
  • HyperTyle: Generates various effects with the help of seamless textures.
  • ColorWasher: Corrects the colors, the contrast and the exposure of photos with revolutionary algorithms and provides an arsenal of photo correction tools.
  • FocalBlade: Automatically sharpen photos for screen display and print, deblur them and also add blur, soft focus and glow effects.
  • LightMachine: Perform shadow/highlight, lighting and color-based corrections without the need for time-comsuming selections and layer stacks
  • BWStyler: For b&w conversion, for creating traditional b&w effects and for enhancing b&w photos
  • ContrastMaster: For effective contrast enhancement as well as creating dramatic contrast looks, photorealistic paintings and HDR-like effects
  • NoiseControl: Effectively removes image noise while preserving essential details and the photographic quality of the image
  • ColorStyler: Provides color effects, recreates traditional film effects and gives your photos a special style
  • FilterHub: Replacement for the Filter menu of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements
  • ElementsXXL: Countless Photoshop features for Photoshop Elements
  • MetaRaw: Enhanced functionality for Adobe Camera Raw
  • LayersXXL: 180 photo and design features to Photoshop Elements
  • ActionsXXL: Action recording and batch processing with actions for Photoshop Elements


  • DFX: More than 2000 standard, exclusive and special effect filters

TNK Soft

  • Manga-Effect Plugin: Generates special effects which are commonly used by Japanese comics
  • Tone Generator: Generates various patterns useful for cartoon designers

Totally Rad

  • RadLab: Simplifies photo effects. Intuitive browsing and a powerful new rendering engine combine to give you easy, unparalleled control.

Tools for Televison

  • Tools for Television PRO: Adds an additional palette to Photoshop that is loaded with video specific functions for Photoshop

Topaz Labs

  • Vivacity: set of Photoshop plugins for image scaling, noise reduction, JPG artifact removal and sharpening
  • Adjust: Redefining Creative Exposure for Photoshop
  • Simplify: Turn any regular photo into a masterpiece of art
  • DeNoise: An advanced noise reduction plugin Clean: Artistic effects like artistic detail removal and edge stylization
  • ReMask: Easily extract intricate image details
  • DeJPEG: Substantially increase JPEG image quality
  • Detail: Control the appearance and intensity of small, medium and large image details

Total Integrations

  • IRIS CT: allows reading and writing of IRIS Front End Processor (FEP)
  • HandShake LW: reads and writes files in Handshake linework (LW) format


  • DCF Full Spectrum: Makes the colors in your photos look more accurately

TrueView (Out of Business)

  • PhotoFlair: Correct under-exposed dark areas of an image without affecting correctly exposed areas.

Two Pilots

  • Color Pilot: For color correction
  • Retouch Pilot: Remove imperfections from a photo
  • MakeUp Pilot: Aportrait software that allows you to apply makeup directly onto your photos
  • Beauty Pilot: Bring out the beauty in women's portraits
  • Perspective Pilot: For perspective correction of a photo
  • Red Eye / Pet Eye Pilot: Fix red eyes in photos of animals and people

Two Pilots - Tint Guide

  • Picture Cutout Guide: Separates solid objects from the background, makes a photomontage.
  • Image Resize Guide: Smart image resize and objects removal.
  • Photo Montage Guide: Smart image resize and objects removal, photomontage.
  • MakeUp Guide: Adds makeup directly on photos.
  • Cosmetic Guide: Allows you to correct cosmetic defects directly on photos.
  • Beauty Guide: Adds makeup and corrects cosmetic defects directly on photos.
  • Pet Eye Fix Guide: Corrects shining eyes on your pet's photos. Corrects shining eyes on your pet's photos.

Ulead (Aquired by Corel)

  • GIF/JPEG SmartSaver, Type.Plugin, Web Razor, Web.Plugin, Web Extensions: (Have become part of PhotoImpact)

UltraSharpen (Out of Business)

  • UltraSharpen: a sharpening plug-in for Adobe Photoshop

Ultradom (Out of Business)

  • Bokeh Simulator: Create bokeh and blur photo effects

Pinnacle Imaging Systems (previously Unified Colors)

  • HDRExplose: Automatically merge multiple exposures into one HDR image
  • 32 Float: Adjust color, brightness and contrast while maintaining a full 32-bit workflow

Van Der Lee

  • Old Movie: transform all your digitized images into photographs and films of the old days
  • Halftone: apply perfect-quality halftone dithering to any image
  • UnPlugged-X: Enhanced version of the free UnPlugged plug-ins
  • FilterOptix: Lens filter emulation.

Vertigo (Out of Business)

  • HotTEXT: Create real 3D text right inside Photoshop.
  • 3D Dizzy: Work with real 3D models and select camera angles and lighting
  • QuickSpace: Little brother to Dizzy


  • Fluid Mask: Cut out complex objects in images with ease

Vicman Software

  • Anti Red Eye: remove the common red-eye effect from your images almost automatically


  • Web Image Guru: optimizes web images

Virtual Painter (Out of Business)

  • Virtual Painter: Turn your favorite digital photos into realistic-looking paintings in seconds

Vivid Details (was renamed to PhotoTune)

  • Test Strip: color correction (discontinued)


  • Vizros Plug-ins: five filters that provide an interactive environment to make real three-dimensional page wrapping effect.

Wasabi (Out of Business)

  • SkyPaint: paint tool for creating and editing 3D, seamless, 360° panoramic images

Xaos Tools (Out of Business)

  • Segmation: converts your Photoshop images into intriguing vector based line art, paint-by-number, and Escher-like patterns
  • Paint Alchemy: transforms your images with painterly effects like Colored Pencil, Impressionist or Pastel
  • TypeCaster: turns ordinary type into broadcast-quality 3D titles with depth, texture, and contours
  • Terrazzo: creates symmetrical tiled backgrounds
  • Total Xaos: Bundle of Paint Alchemy, Terrazzo and TypeCaster


  • Xe847pro: Produces digital photos and video that appear as seen through the human eye

Xero Graphics

  • Quasar: Give your images some sparkle with this starmaker plugin.
  • MetaGrad: Provides most of the effects filters that were popular with 35mm photographers
  • Conditioner: 5 essential tools for fine-tuning your images
  • Refiner: Cleans out unwanted grain, deals with JPEG artifacts, smooths skin tones, and improves sharpness without exaggerating noise.


  • FullPress Versioning plug-in for Photoshop: Automatically creates, saves and manages versions of files


  • Retina: Enhance perceived contrast, brightness, sharpness, depth and resolution.


  • YouSendIt: Allows designers to send files of any size directly from Photoshop. Files delivered are secure and can be tracked.


  • 3D Invigorator: Takes any Freehand, Illustrator or Vector clip art or Type 1 font, turns it into an ornamental 3D model and renders it. Not sold anymore???




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