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Free Lightroom Plugins

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Metadata Plugins

Cache Test Dummies

  • Geocaching Metadata: Store geocaching metadata from for each photo in Lightroom

Robert Cole

  • Custom Metadata: Adds custom metadata fields to your photos


  • Focal Length Finder: Allows filtering by focal length metadata in Lightroom's Library Filter

Keijo Karvonen

  • Keyword Counter: Adds a new metadata field to the database where one can store the number of keywords assigned for each photo in Lightroom database. This data can then be usead as filter rule when creating a Smart Collection.

The Photo Geek

  • Metadata Tagsets: Adds six new tagsets to the Metadata panel in the Library module.


  • Nature Data LR: Simplify the classification of your nature and wildlife images.
  • Keywords: Tag or keyword your images


Export Plugins


  • Export to AdoramaPix
  • Export to Costco Photo Centre (Canada)
  • Export to CVS
  • Export to Walmart PhotoCentre (Canada)
  • Export List: Creates a post-processing action, which generates a comprehensive list of all exported photos in various formats (plain text, CVS, HTML).


  • Animoto Export

Big 40wt Svetlyak

  • YaFotki: Export plugin for Yandex's photo service.

Couture Book

  • Export plugin: Upload images directly to the COUTURE BOOK website

Eugene Berman

  • Export to iStockphoto

Robert Cole

  • Export Manager: Initiates multiple exports

  • dpreview galleries export: export to dpreview user galleries

Urs Gehrig

  • Archive Export: Copies all selected photos to a temporary directory

Lars Hagen

  • ZenphotoPublisher: Support for the publishing service Zenphoto

HDR Soft

  • Lightroom Export Plug-in to Photomatix Pro: Exports photos for processing in Photomatix Pro


  • LP Digital Studio Export: Export into LP Digital Studio

  • Dossier de Presse: Export pictures to your Wordpress blog

Don McKee

  • Shutterfly Upload: Export images into your Shutterfly account

Arnaud Mouronval

  • Lightroom to Gallery: Export photos to Menalto Gallery


  • Null Export: Exports the original files of selected images to definable external applications

Pact Software

  • Photoshelter Archive export: Upload to the Photoshelter Personal Archive

Philbert Photos

  • Export to Email: Exports your images directly through your SMTP gateway


  • ProShow: Exports slide shows from Lightroom to ProShow


  • Lightroom to Pictage: Upload to


  • Pixelpipe Export: Upload your photos from Lightroom to Adobe Share, Facebook, Flickr, Gallery2, ipernity, Picasa, SmugMug, Twitter, Zooomr plus blogs, email, and FTP amongst many others.

Moritz Post

  • Lightroom to Gallery Export Plugin: Export image to webbased gallery software Menalto Gallery 2.

Jim Powers

  • Digital Railroad Export: Export images and metadata to your DRR-powered archive


  • Export to Zip: Select photos from a catalog and save them to a zip file


  • Lightroom to Brickshelf Export: Uploads selected photographs (or entire folders) to a user's Brickshelf album

Steve Sutherland

  • MapiMailer Email Export: Solves the problem that prevents Windows users from exporting more than one image to their email application.


  • StudioCloud plugin: Transfer Lightroom images to the StudioCloud PSG software


  • Viewbook export: Publish your images to Viewbook


  • Photoline Convert: Exports to PhotoLine and runs a conversion action there


Other Plugins and Tools

Robert Cole

  • Extract JPEGs From NEFs (Windows Only)
  • Invert Tone Curve: Makes dark tones light and light tones dark
  • Folder Notes: View/Edit photo folder or catalog notes
  • Lightroom Catalog Backup: Simply makes a copy of your catalog file in the same directory with a date suffix appended and does not require exiting Lightroom.
  • The Importer: For streamlined copy/importing

Lars Hagen

  • Muliple Search: Search multiple images by their filenames at once

  • ViewFinder: Shows where the camera focused before taking a picture

Mountainstorm (Mac only)

  • LightroomTether: Remote control of your camera & onscreen display of camera settings. Nikon LiveView support at 60fps. Instant import of images into Adobe Lightroom.

The Photo Geek

  • Config Backup: Backup your Lightroom configuration and manage and compress your catalog backups.
  • Elemental: Enables Lightroom to launch Photoshop Elements directly into photo merge (panoramas), open photos as layers, create smart objects, and start various features with a single click.
  • Export Backup: Adds a post-process action to backup rendered images generated during an export.
  • Snapshotter: Creates snapshots of the current develop settings for all selected photos in a single step.
  • Test Harness: Helps Lightroom plugin developers by providing menu items to execute and generate standalone plugins from LUA scripts.

Andriy Zolotoiy

  • ClientSelects: Search for photos in Lightroom



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