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Many Photoshop-compatible plugins were created with the Filter Factory tool that was released by Adobe back in 1994/95. They can be used in many image editing applications as well as the User Filter of GIMP and the ForgeFX plugin in ImageFX on the Amiga. There are almost 3000 Filter Factory plugins available. Most of them are more or less experimental.

If you want to have a larger and zoomable preview for these Filter Factory plugins under Windows, please get FilterMeister and open the Filter Factory plugins with it. You can also recompile them to new plugins if you purchase FilterMeister. Plugin Commander for Windows is tool for previewing, applying, organizing and converting Filter Factory plugins.

The most advanced way to apply Filter Factory is Plugin Galaxy 3 for Windows. It renders Filter Factory effects with floating point precision and bicubic interpolation thus producing unique high quality effects. It also allows applying them to 16-bit images and running them in 64-bit applications.

Most Filter Factory (FF) plugins are only available for Windows, but you can also use them on the Mac with the help of FilterFoundry. FilterFoundry is able to extract the FF source code from Windows FF plugins and compile them as Mac plugins. As there is no 64-bit version of Filter Foundry available so far, you also need LaunchBox to use it in Photoshop CS6/CC and Photoshop Elements 12 on the Mac.

If you should have trouble making the plugins work under Windows, please go to the Tutorial Page that explains detailed how to make them work. There is also a Tutorial on installing 8bf plugins in different applications, if you shouldn't know how to do it. Newer versions of Windows require that you deactivate DEP (Data Execution Protection) for the host application in order to run Filter Factory plugins.

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AFH** - Not available anymore !!!
4 filters for creating simple square beveled buttons and 2 color distortion effects.

Alf's Border FX, Alf's Power Toys and Alf's Decolorizer ***
Dozens of filters for creating b/w or colored gradient images and patterns.

Andrew's Filters 1 - 62 **
More than 1200 filters with mostly psychedelic color effects and modern-art-like patterns. It takes quite some time to explore all of these effects. The quality of the effects is highly variable. There are some very nice effects and some that are only useful for very exotic designs.

Balder Olrik **
7 filters with various effects

Button Duo
2 filters for creating round and square buttons.

** - Currently Down!!!
A filters for turning colored images into black and white ones.

A spot light filter.

CPK Design ***
14 filters with bevel, distortion and convolver effects

Crescent Moon, Two Moon ***
8 filters with various effects

David Blend Filters **
The collection consist of 13 plugins. The three "Frosted Edger" plugins apply a vignette of varying radius and intensity. The three "Gradient Sky" plugins overlays the image with userdefined color gradient for enhancing the colors of photos. "Highlight Correction" darkens overly bright image areas. The two "Transparent Sky" plugins replaces bright or dark image areas with transparency for making composite images. Finally, "B/W v Color Tiling" and "Contrast Checkers" generate tiling effects, "Zebra Stripe Frame" creates zebra stripe frames and "Alternating Even Bars" is a two color stripe maker. The white vignette filter and two of the gradient sky filters are the best ones in the collection and really recommended..

David Hull's Dither Filters **  (Mac only)
3 filters for creating dithering effects

DC Layer and DCspecial
*** - No Filter Factory plugins
2 filters for manipulating the Alpha Channel, 13 filters with various effects

Dynasty Software *
... released 42 Filter Factory plugins. They mostly produce psychedelic patterns, colorful gradients and noise effects. The plugins are quite simple, because they were created with the old Filter Factory tool. The plugins are free, but the author asks for a small donation if you like them.

13 filters

Edesign Filters *
2 filters (Grid Creator and Eliminate White)

... offers some filters from the Filter Factory Galleries. The collection contains the filters Channel 5, Chaos Tile, Colour Switcher, Dimensia, Dynamic Contrast, Edge Saturate, Jumble, Print Screen and Pseudo Gamma.

** - Currently Down!!!
... produces color distortions. It was created with Filter Factory and more for people who like experimental looks. You need an Adobe ID, which can be requested for free, to download it.

Fresnel Reflection Plugin
... creates a transparent sphere effect. It is available for Windows and as an AFS file for using in Filter Factory on the Mac.

10 filters without sliders for creating tiles and textures.

Neu **
11 filters that create greyscaled textures

**- Currently Down!!!

7 filters for manipulating the Alpha Channel.

5 filters

Francois Saluden's Entrelacement
**- Currently Down!!!
A filters for simulating TV scan lines.

Feiyang *- Currently Down!!!
6 chinese filters producing simple color effects.

Filter Factory Galleries A-V
19 compilations containing almost 380 filters from different authors.

37 filters for distortion, blur and tile effects

IPC Digital Filters
*- Currently Down!!!
2 filters (80A and Synthetic Polarizer) for correcting the colors of a photo.

Johann's Filters 2.0
***- Currently Down!!!
Most of them are pattern creation filters, but there are also some special effects like Aged Film, Watercolor, Barcode and Focal Blur.

Gonzalez B/W
A very simple filter that turns a color image into B/W with the help of red, green and blue sliders. So this filter is very similar to the Channel Mixer filter of Photoshop. There is also a Spanish version of the plugin available.

Graham White Filters
Bleach Bypass, Blur Threshold, Dual Threshold, RGB to Grayscale, Blur Color, Blur Custom, Channel Noise, Channel Shift and Plain Gradient.

Gravitational Lenser
A filter that simulates gravitational distortions.

Greg's Factory Output I & II ***- Currently Down!!!
2 x 12 filters with different effects

Groan Zone
6 filters with that produce color effects

Harry's Filters
55 filters with various effects e.g. colorizing, simulation, distortion, gradients, mirroring

20 color and distortion filters

Tatsuyas Filters
 ** - Currently Down!!!
The Tatsuya Filters collection (Win/Mac) now includes 100 filters for creating special black and white or grayscale patterns. Unfortunately these filters are only available in AFS format. This means that you need Plugin Commander or the original Filter Factory plugin to use them or to compile them to Photoshop-compatible plugins

Joe's Eliminate Black/White Filters
Two filters for manipulating the Alpha Channel.

64 filters with interesting pattern effects

Kevin Daniel
* - Currently Down!!!
5 filters with different effects

Kiwi's Oelfilter
10 filters for tile or color effects.

Krusty's FX Vol. I, II, III ***
7 filters for the Alpha Channel, and dozens of pattern and texture generators with a great new interface!!!

Mack's Filters
 *** - Currently Down!!!
A page curl and a simple Remove White filter

MediaSpark **- Currently Down!!! (
9 filters for fade effects and the Alpha Channel

4 filters: a beveler, a framer, a mosaic creator and a target filter

MuRa's Seamless Filters
33 filters with different effects (mirror, warp, patterns)

23 filters with some pattern effects and two distortion

Noise, TruFilters and Decolorizer
* - Currently Down!!!
A simple noise filter, a bevel filter and a greyscale filter.

Oliver's Filters Vol 1. & 2
12 filters with color effects.

Omphale Filters ** - Currently Down!!!
6 filters with colored drawing effects

Ormentes Filters
7 filters with various effects

Pentacom Filters ** offers 11 free plugins created with Filter Factory (for Win/Mac) called Rounded Corner, Garbage Collections, penta's "VR Filter2", color dot and ToyCamera. Most of them create TV distortions.

Photo Image **- No Download Link !!!
... is a collection of four simple Filter Factory plugins for retouching photos. The collection consists of the Chrome, Enhance, Expose and Temperature plugins.

PIF, PIF Edges, PIF Patterns ***- Currently Down!!!
30 filters for creating textures and colorizing images

Procyn Filters
*- Currently Down!!!
Some filters with simple color effects.

RCS Filter Pak 1.0 **
22 filters for lens, noise and pattern effects

**- Currently Down!!!
an interlace TV effect.

16 pattern and convolver filters

Sean Sedward's Filter Factory Plugins **
... contain five effects. "Spherical Mould" which produces a sphere wraps effect is the most interesting plugin in this collection. However, it does not do any interpolation, so the effect is quite rough. The three Emboss filters create simple gray, white and black emboss effects and the Light Gaussian Blur plugin applies a blur effect with a small radius. The filters are available as freeware and shareware versions. The shareware versions contain some controls while the freeware versions apply the effect without showing a dialog.

Sloshifiers *
... is a collection of 12 plugins, created with FilterMeister, with strange negative and color effects.

Teph's Tricks
... is a collection of 15 simple filter plugins created with Filter Factory. The SLIDE X/Y and OFFSET WRAP filters wrap an image vertically and/or horizontally. The 12 other filters of this collection produce transparency effects according to certain image parameters.

Tim's Filters
***- Currently Down!!!
16 filters: a tile-making filter, 3 contour filters, 8 halftone filters, 2 woodcut filters, a drop shadow filter and an edge fade filter.

Timo Mann *
"Tymoes Colorizer" colorizes your image or changes transparency and "Tymoes Gridmaker" applies a black grid. "Gridmaker 2" (for Windows) is a slightly enhanced version of the previous plugin for creating simple grid lines. "Big Gridmaker" and "Dotorizer" (for Mac Classic) draw a grid and turn your image into a dotted pattern. These filter plugins produce quite simple, but sometimes useful effects.

Toadies *** - Currently Down!!! (
36 nice filters with various effect e.g. blur, mosaic, bevel, transparency

Trond's Filters, Trons Filters II, Trons Patterns, Trons First
Over 70 filters that mostly create weird patterns.

*** - No Filter Factory plugins
Over 60 filters with various effects.

Visual Manipulation
*** - Currently Down!!!
Over 150 filters with very creative effects. Some of them are available in the Filter Factory Galleries.

Works Plugins
** - No Filter Factory plugins
Several packages of thematic filter effects.

* - Currently Down!!!
A posterize filter



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