Plugins for Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, PSP & others

Free Photoshop Panels

Photoshop panels (or more precisely Photoshop extensions) run in Photoshop CS4 and higher.
Some newer ones only work in Photoshop CS5, CS6 and CC. Most panels do not work in Photoshop CC 2014 anymore.
After installing them with the Adobe Extension Manager, you can find them on the Window > Extensions menu in Photoshop.


The Plugin Site

  • ThePluginSite Panel: Apply all Photoshop plugins created by The Plugin Site in a convenient way.

Russel Brown Panels

  • Adobe Painting Assistant: Turn a photograph into a painting with some help from this step by step guided panel.
  • Texture Panel: Add textures to images
  • Adobe Emailer Panel: Prepping images and attaching them to an email just got a lot easier
  • Adobe Watermark Panel: Takes all the hassle out of watermarking
  • Edit Layers in ACR: Convert a layer in Photoshop CS6 into a Smart Object that can be edited with the Camera Raw


  • Eye Candy Startup: Start each Eye Candy filter with a single click rather than navigating the Filter menu
  • Blow Up Startup: Gives you one-click access to many of the standard print sizes
  • Gallery Wrap: Assists you in creating wrapped prints
  • Snap Art Launch and Preview Gallery: Instant access to the filters as well as previewing a gallery with filter effects
  • Snap Art Sketch Panel: Designed to work with portraits


  • GuideGuide: Create pixel accurate columns, rows, midpoints and baselines based on your document or marquee


  • CSS3Ps: Converts your layers to CSS3

Michael Hale

  • Mode: Set the blend mode for multiple selected layers
  • Stack Mode: Speeds up the process of selecting different Stack modes


  • Tych Panel: Automates the process laying out pictures side by side


  • Timer Panel: Stop watch functionality
  • Trevor Morris Scripts: Panel that runs 12 scripts
  • Pen Panel: Save time when working with the pen tool.


  • Colorisation: Colorize the comics with Photoshop
  • SoftSkinning: Make skin soft in photos
  • Video: A combination of video tools.
  • 3D_Tools: A combination of 3D tools.
  • Anim_Couleur: Colorize frame-by-image drawing animation in Photoshop
  • Anim_Dessin: Draw an animation frame-by-frame in Photoshop


  • Expression Media Panels: Read and modify Expression Media and IView specific metadata

  • Edge FX Lite: Choose between 8 borders to enhance your photos.
  • YALE!: Simulates Lomo and Holga cameras.

Sebastien Piconnier

  • Edge FX: For adding edges, borders and textures. Comes with more than 60 edges presets.

Len White

  • Painters Wheel: Color picker panel

Jean Louis Persat


  • CG Idiot Panel: For multi-layer actions like find all locked layers and disable lock for that.


  • Modular Grid Pattern: Create a modular grid using transparent pattern filling


  • Transform It!: All the Transform functions in one convenient panel
  • Selection: No more drilling through menus and sub-menus to get to your favorite and most used selections.

Carson Jones

  • CI Compositing: Access to common compositing commands, image commands, and batch load functions
  • CI Preflight: Access to common colour commands, image commands, and batch work functions.


  • CanLinkIt: Link any PSD or image file photoshop files to another

higuchi design

  • Change Layer Content: Change content layer from fill layer to other fill or adjust layer
  • PixelAdjustment: The panel to adjust pixel without adjustment layer

The Light's Right

  • Diffuse Glows Panel: Interface for an action set
  • Digital Velvia Panel: Interface for an action set
  • Capture Sharpening Panel: Designed for the first stage of sharpening
  • Output Sharpening Panel: 43 presets tailored for different output media and resolutions
  • USM Panel: Extends Photoshop USM command
  • Sharpening Actions Panels: Interface for an action set
  • Tone Mask Toolkit Panel: Interface for an action set

Andrew Ingram

  • Gridmaker

  • NKS5 Natural Media Toolkit: Natural media tools in one palette.

Roberto Bigano

  • False Profile: Brings new features and refinements to the process of assigning false profiles
  • Floating Adjustments: Restores the Adjustment Layers’ bigger floating windows look and behavior as in CS3.

Dan Margulis

  • Picture Postcard Workflow Panel

Dr John Russ

  • Adjust Image Panel: Apply seven types of adjustment operations
  • Measure Features Panel
  • Stereology Panel
  • Dummy Text Panel: Creates dummy text for design templates


  • youtubegallery

  • DI 01 Panel
  • DI03 Retouching Panel
  • DIY Port Retouch GENERAL


  • Web Font Plug-in: Use thousands of WebINK web fonts in Photoshop


  • Fontshop Plugin: Test thousands of fonts while layouting

Wolf Eilers

  • Tool Panel Overiew: Provides a quick visual reminder of the various tools

Mike Wickham

  • All Tools Panel: Displays all Photoshop tool buttons in one panel


  • AllToolsCS5: Shows all tools of Photoshop

  • All Tools Alpha
  • All Tools Explode

Jacco Goris

  • Touch-Up: Centralizes all of the basic touch-up tools

Thinking Pixels

  • Dodge & Burn: Time saver for high end retouching


  • UseColorPicker: Load SWF in Configurator Panel
  • SampleColorPanel: A Sample Configurator Panel


  • GREAT PANEL: Includes Undo, Redo, make Snapshot , Rotate Canvas 90° CW/CCW



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