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Version History


Version 1.12 (October 2021)

  • Support for Photoshop Elements 2022 and its new UI
  • With activated "Selected Layers" source option on the Batch dialog each layer is now saved as an individual file by adding the layer name to the file name. Previously it saved the whole document as one file only. It does not automatically close the document now.
  • Bug Fix: It is now possible to quickly press a key shortcut multiple times to run a one-step action. Previously the progess box, which displayed the execution time, interupted the process. So it is not displayed anymore when using a key shortcut.
  • Bug Fix: The installation and uninstallation programs now checks if Photoshop Elements 2021 is running and asks you to close it. This makes sure that the (un)installation works.
  • The installation now deletes the registry keps that keep Photoshop Elements 2020/2021 from loading plugins that crashed 3 times.
  • You can use the trial version for another 14 days


Version 1.11 (October 2020)

  • The ActionsXXL progress window does not conceal the progress windows of ElementsXXL or other plugins anymore. It is displayed further below to avoid it.
  • ElementsXXL, LayersXXL and LayerShop action steps are now displayed with their full name.
  • Bug Fix: ActionsXXL does not crash Photoshop Elements on exit anymore after it displayed the welcome message on start


Version 1.10 (January 2020)

  • Support for saving BMP files (with RLE compression) on the Batch dialog
  • The "Keep Folder Structure" check box on the Batch dialog now works even if the folder names have different upper/lower case letters.
  • Bug Fix: The "Keep Folder Structure" check box sometimes did not work correctly


Version 1.09 (October 2019)

  • Support for Photoshop Elements 2020. Older versions of ActionsXXL do not work correctly in Photoshop Elements 2020.


Version 1.08 (July 2018)

  • Batch Processing:
    • ActionsXXL now tells ElementsXXL 5.05 (or higher) to stop redrawing its icons during batch processing to avoid a potential crash problem.
    • Bug Fix: During batch processing it was previously not possible to manually adjust some tools, e.g. the frame of the crop tool.
    • Bug Fix: A clipboard image is not accidentally inserted during batch processing anymore.
  • Installation:
    • Plugin Installer now supports the Microsoft Store version of Photoshop Elements 2018
    • Plugin Installer works again under Windows XP
    • Support for HiDPI screens under Windows
    • Support for Windows 10 ARM64 systems


Version 1.07 (February 2018)

  • Bug Fix: In ActionsXXL 1.06 the order of the actions steps was reversed every time Photoshop Elements was started, because of a bug in the new fast opening feature. This means that every time that Photoshop Elements was started, the order of the actions steps in the ActionsXXL window was either correct or reversed. Additionally all .atn files that were opened with ActionsXXL 1.06 were opened with the actions steps in reverse order. This was fixed now.
  • Selecting the background layer is now recorded differently, which makes it playable in all localized versions of Photoshop Elements.


Version 1.06 (February 2018)

  • Opening an action file is now up to 33% faster.
  • A progress window is displayed when opening action files with more than 1000 steps. This window shows the number of loaded steps and processing time.
  • Bug Fix: When clicking the Record button on the New Action dialog, no ElementsXXL, LayersXXL and FilterHub features were previously recorded.
  • Installation:
    • Plugin Installer: If Photoshop Elements is running, you are asked to quit it before the plugin is installed. This makes sure that the plugin installation works.
    • When you try to uninstall and Photoshop or Photoshop Elements is running, you are asked to close it. This makes sure that the uninstallation works correctly.


Version 1.05 (October 2017)

  • New "Do Not Close Opened Images" check box on the Batch dialog, which makes sure that opened images are not closed after processing them.
  • Support for opening actions with up to 4096 steps. Previously the limit was 2048 steps.
  • Bug Fix: In rare cases ActionsXXL was not able to record commands from ElementsXXL, LayersXXL or FilterHub previously.
  • Bug Fix: When starting up Photoshop Elements 11-14 in Quick mode while opening an image file via command line ActionsXXL previously blocked Photoshop Elements. Under Photoshop Elements 15 it previously resulted in a crash on exit.
  • Bug Fix: If the destination folder for batch processing does not exists, you get an error message now.
  • Bug Fix: The Quality slider from the Fromat tab sheet of the Batch dialog is not cut off anymore at non-HiDPI settings.


Version 1.04 (June 2017)

  • Some "Set Selection" action steps, which were recorded in Photoshop, are now played back correctly.
  • Bug Fix: Some "Select" action steps were not played, which disrupted some actions.
  • Bug Fix: The Batch feature previously did not save any file if "Keep File Type" was chosen on the Format tab sheet and no extension item was set on the Name tab sheet.

  • Installation:
    • The installation does not allow selecting an installation folder anymore. You can only select the drive. This avoids double installations of plugins.
    • Only one uninstall option is added to the "Add/Remove Programs" section of the control panel for new minor versions of the same product including demo/trial and full versions.
    • New Uninstall item is added to Start menu which displays the Add/Remove Programs dialog
    • Plugin Installer:
      • Clicking on a list item activates its check box now
      • Plugin Installer has all applications activated by default during installation.


Version 1.03 (December 2016)

  • Support for multiple monitors
  • Photoshop Elements 15: The useless "Modal State Changed" events are not recorded anymore.
  • Recording the PhotoMerge menu items in PSE 11/12 is now possible with the "Insert Menu Item" command from the ActionsXXL panel menu.
  • The "Insert > Adjustment Layer" menu item now also records the blend mode and opacity of the adjustment layer.
  • Support for shut down via ElementsXXL 4.01 and higher
  • Bug Fix: When starting Photoshop Elements and ActionsXXL is docked, the Actions panel is not automatically displayed anymore.


Version 1.02 (May 2016)

  • The trial version can be used for another 14 days even if it expired before.
  • New Insert > Shape menu item for recreating the current shape layer with two actions steps.
  • The delay time of the tool tips is 1 second instead of 0.5 seconds. This makes sure that tool tips are not displayed too fast.
  • Bug Fix: The Insert menu items do not stop the recording anymore.


Version 1.01 (April 2016)

  • New Features:
    • "Override Action 'Open' Commands" check box on the Batch dialog, which allows opening images from an action for batch processing, e.g. to apply Camera Raw settings.
    • "Override Action 'Save As' Commands" check box on the Batch dialog, which allows saving batch processed images from an action. This also enables saving multiple file formats.

  • Improvements:
    • Deactivating the "Floating Window" menu item now automatically displays the Actions panel (in case it is not already visible).
    • If a damaged settings or action file is detected, you are now asked to send us the file in order to improve ActionsXXL.
    • The useless "Make Snapshot" steps are now removed when loading the (PS) default actions.
    • Photoshop Elements 6-10: The Quick Fix action is not opened as a default action anymore.
    • With invalid batch settings three new warning messages are displayed when trying to batch process.
    • New ? button on the Batch dialog that displays the Batch page of the manual.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Bug Fix: The "Stop after very Step" playback option did not work previously.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed error message on exit under Windows 8 in PSE 11 & 12, which occured when ElementsXXL 3 was also installed
    • Bug Fix: Some damaged settings or action files are opened without an error now.
    • Bug Fix: nik plugin steps in actions files are loaded correctly now and their tooltips do not freeze Photoshop Elements for several seconds anymore.
    • Bug Fix: The ActionsXXL window shows up correctly now even if the ini file contains wrong values.
    • Bug Fix: When using the Load sub menu in Button mode, the buttons are updated now.
    • Bug Fix: Under certain conditions clicking a button in Button Mode did not work.
    • Bug Fix: Empty action sets are not shown on the Process tab of the Batch dialog anymore.
    • Bug Fix: Some combo box items on the Name tab sheet of the Batch dialog were not translated to English.
    • Bug Fix: The View > Zoom Out menu item is now recordable with the "Insert Menu Item" command
    • Bug Fix: When recording the Show Layer or Hide Layer commands, they are now correctly named in ActionsXXL.
    • Bug Fix: When using a HiDPI system setting the ActionsXXL window is displayed with correct size on startup if it was collapsed on exit.


Version 1.0 (April 2016)

  • First Release


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