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I already use Camera Raw in Photoshop Elements. What more does CameraXXL have to offer?

In Photoshop Elements the Camera Raw window only offers three tab sheets. CameraXXL adds seven additional tab sheet, with more than 120 new controls and 330 new presets for performing many new image editing tasks, e.g. selective color adjustment, black & white conversion, curves adjustment, split toning, skin smoothing, texture enhancement, dehazing, grain adding, artistic vignettes, lens correction, perspective correction and camera calibration. There is also a new tool for editing the curve by dragging on the preview box.

CameraXXL also lets you apply Adobe Camera Raw as a filter in Photoshop Elements and create smart objects that can be edited with Adobe Camera Raw. Even more, you can save presets on the Camera Raw dialog with the help of CameraXXL.

I am a user of MetaRaw and ElementsXXL. Do I need CameraXXL too?

MetaRaw already offers a feature for automatic lens correction, but if you are using an unknown lens, MetaRaw would not be able to perform lens correction. With CameraXXL you can select from hundreds of lens profiles as well as manually remove the lens distortion, chromatic aberration and lens vignetting.

ElementsXXL already offers a curve tool, black & white filter and auto lens correction. However, CameraXXL lets you automatically apply lens correction when opening Camera Raw. Curve and black & white adjustments are also automatically reapplied whenever you open the same raw file again. Additionally you can apply these adjustments to multiple raw files at the same time with CameraXXL.

Apart from that CameraXXL also offers many image adjustments that are not available in MetaRaw and ElementsXXL.

Are there any limitations of CameraXXL compared to using Camera Raw in Photoshop?

CameraXXL adds a large part of the functionality that is available when running Camera Raw in Photoshop and offers one of seven additional tools. CameraXXL also does not add the additional controls on the Save Options and the Camera Raw Preferences dialog. There is also no Workflow Options dialog added by CameraXXL. But even with these missing features CameraXXL provides an enhanced editing experience in Camera Raw under Photoshop Elements. We are working on providing the missing features with a future update of CameraXXL.

Apart from that there are two limitation when editing multiple image files in Camera Raw with the help of the CameraXXL controls. This requires that you use a certain strategy when editing multiple files to avoid having to reapply settings again. For more details read the Editing Multiple Files page in the manual. We will try to remove these limitations in future updates.


Why do the Texture and Dehaze features of CameraXXL not work?

The Texture slider of CameraXXL requires at least Camera Raw 11.3 to work. Camera Raw 11.3 on the other hand only works in Photoshop Elements 2018 or higher. Please make sure that you meet these requirements to be able to use it with CameraXXL.

Dehaze does not work in Photoshop Elements 11 and under Windows XP and Vista. For newer Photoshop Elements and Windows versions you need to have at least Camera Raw 9.1 installed for Dehaze to work. The CameraXXL installation lets you download and install Camera Raw 9.2 (or higher) in Photoshop Elements 12 (and higher) under Windows 7/8/10. So please make sure that you do not deactivate this feature during the CameraXXL installation and close Photoshop Element before running the installation.


I have a non-English version of Photoshop Elements. Can I use CameraXXL with it?

Yes, definitely. 99% of the features of CameraXXL are automatically translated to the language of Photoshop Elements. For example, if you use a Spanish version of Photoshop Elements, almost all menu items and dialogs of CameraXXL are in Spanish. Only a few messages or items are only available in English and German. You can look for tutorials about Camera Raw for Photoshop on the web. They are applicable to CameraXXL too.



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