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Version History


Version 2.02 for Windows (May 2021)

  • Support for Camera Raw 13 and higher
  • The installation lets you install Camera Raw 13.2 into Photoshop Elements 2020 & 2021. You can also switch back to Camera Raw 12.4 or 12.2.1.
  • Bug Fix: Choosing the last item of the Profile combo box does not make the CameraXXL icons vanish in Camera Raw 12.3 and higher anymore.
  • The trial period was reset, so you can test it another 14 days.


Version 2.01 for Windows (November 2020)

  • Installation:
    • Choose between installing Camera Raw 12.2.1 (Old UI) and Camera Raw 12.4 (New UI) into Photoshop Elements 2019-2021
    • The installation allows installing Camera Raw 12.4 over Camera Raw 13.0, which is not supported yet.
    • Bug Fix: Camera Raw 12.4 was previously not installed into PSE 2019-2021 by the installer
  • Lens detection was improved
  • Bug Fix: Pressing the H key previously activated the non-working targeted adjustment tool in Camera Raw 12.3 and higher.


Version 2.0 for Windows (October 2020)

  • Support for the new user interface of Adobe Camera Raw 12.3 and higher
    • The installation now lets you install Camera Raw 12.4 into Photoshop Elements 2019, 2020 and 2021.
    • The old tab sheet icons are now displayed as icons vertically on the right side of the Camera Raw window. The Details icon was removed as it is not necessary anymore.
    • When editing multiple files, CameraXXL is only able to detect if one or all image files are selected in Camera Raw 12.3 and higher. So changing the CameraXXL settings of 2 or more but not all images at the same time is not advisable. Please read the Editing Multiple Files section of the manual for more information.
    • The targeted adjustment tool is now deactivated in Camera Raw 12.3 (and higher) until we manage to make it work again.
  • New Features:
    • New Texture slider for smoothing skin and enhancing textures located on the on the Effects icon sheet. It requires at least Camera Raw 11.3, so it will only work in Photoshop Elements 2019 and higher.
    • New Geometry tab sheet for automatic and manual perspective correction, which is located on the Lens sheet.
  • 330 New Presets:
    • The 330 new presets are accessible from combo boxes at the top of various sheets.
    • 155 Curves presets
    • 140 HSL presets
    • 20 Split Color presets
    • 15 Callibration presets
  • Enhanced Curves feature:
    • The curve handles are now bigger, circular and easier to click.
    • All curves are now displayed all of the time in the curves diagram.
    • Background gradients are now shown in the curves diagram which indicate the color of the adjustment.
    • You can now hold down the Ctrl key and click on a control point to delete it.
    • Bug Fix: The Curves combo box now updates the preview
    • Bug Fix: Switching the channel immediately updates the curves diagram now
  • New Save button and Save Options dialog
    • Save one or more images directly from the Camera Raw dialog as JPEG, TIFF, PSD or PNG
    • 25 options for defining how the selected images are saved. There are options for save location, file naming, format, color space, color depth, resizing and sharpening.
    • Preset feature for saving and reusing the settings
  • Bug Fix: Using the Custom menu item sometimes did not correctly restore the CameraXXL settings previously.
  • The trial version now runs for another 14 days even if it already expired before.



Version 1.08 for Windows (June 2020)

  • Support for Camera Raw 12.2.1
    • Camera Raw 12.3 (and higher) is not supported yet because of its totally changed UI. It will be supported in a future version of CameraXXL.
    • By default the installation now installs Camera Raw 12.2.1 in Photoshop Elements 2019/2020 and overwrites Camera Raw 12.3 (or higher) if necessary. This makes sure that CameraXXL works.
    • If Camera Raw 12.3 (or higher) is installed when running Photoshop Elements 2019/2020, CameraXXL automatically deactivates itself and displays a message.
    • If you want to use Camera Raw 12.3 and don't mind losing the CameraXXL functionality, we recommend that you uninstall CameraxXXL or deactivate it under File > Automation Tools > CameraXXL.


Version 1.07 for Windows (November 2019)

  • Support for Camera Raw 12.0
  • The installation lets you installs Camera Raw 12.0 into Photoshop Elements 2019 and 2020.
  • Bug Fix: No more crash after exiting Photoshop Elements 2020


Version 1.06 for Windows (October 2019)

  • Support for Photoshop Elements 2020. Older versions of CameraXXL do not work in Photoshop Elements 2020.
  • Support for Camera Raw 11.4 in Photoshop Elements 2019 and 2020


Version 1.05 for Windows (March 2019)

  • The trial version now runs for another 14 days even if it already expired before.
  • Bug Fix: When editing non-raw files (JPEG, PSD, TIFF, PNG), the temperature and tint settings were previously reset when changing a CameraXXL setting or appyling a preset. This does not happen anymore.
  • Bug Fix: Clicking on a thumbnail did sometimes not restore the CameraXXL settings for the clicked image.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a crash problem that occurred occasionally when running Camera Raw again.
  • UI Fixes:
    • Bug Fix: When the CameraXXL window was displayed maximized, the tool bar was not positioned correctly and the tools did not work.
    • Bug Fix: The CameraXXL controls are correctly scaled to 200% in Camera Raw 8.7 and 8.8 now
  • Reset Functions:
    • Bug Fix: The items of the popup menu (next to tab sheets) reset the CameraXXL settings correctly now. It previously worked only in Camera Raw 9.6 to 9.9.
    • Bug Fix: The "Camera Raw Defaults" menu item now correctly adjusts the CameraXXL settings if no Camer Raw default settings was previously saved.
    • Bug Fix: If a .xmp file exists for the current image and the Reset button is clicked, then CameraXXL now applies the settings from the .xmp file just like Camera Raw does.
  • Key Shortcuts:
    • It is now possible to activate the Targeted Adjustment tool of CameraXXL with the T key.
    • Bug Fix: CameraXXL does not block key shortcuts of Camera Raw anymore.
    • Bug Fix: When using a key for switching to another tool, the selected tool is now highlighted correctly.
    • Bug Fix: When a CameraXXL text box is focused, the Ctrl and Alt key shortcuts work now.


Version 1.04 for Windows (February 2019)

  • Support for Camera Raw 11.2 in Photoshop Elements 2019
  • Supports for Process Version 5, which makes the CameraXXL features work correctly with Camera Raw 11.0 and higher


Version 1.03 for Windows (December 2018)

  • Support for Camera Raw 11.1 in Photoshop Elements 2019
  • Bug Fix: No more crash when having more than three raw files selected in the thumbnail bar and editing them.
  • Bug Fix: The Camera Raw Smart Object feature created smart objects wrongly, so that it was not possible to edit them in Camera Raw with ElementsXXL anymore by double clicking their thumbnail in the Layers panel.
  • Tool bar fixes when multiple raw file are edited:
    • Bug Fix: The tool bar is now immediately repositioned when adjusting the width of the the thumbnail bar. Previously it was only repositioned after restarting Camera Raw.
    • Bug Fix: The tool bar is now repositioned correctly in Camera Raw 10.5 and 11.0.
    • Bug Fix: A trash can icon is now available in the tool bar.
    • Bug Fix: The Rotate Left/Right icons in the tool bar now correctly rotate 90 (instead of 180) degrees per click.
    • Bug Fix: The prefs icons in the tool bar now only displays the Prefs dialog once.


Version 1.02 for Windows (October 2018)

  • Support for Camera Raw 11.0 in Photoshop Elements 2019
  • Support for Camera Raw 10.5 for Photoshop Elements 14-2018


Version 1.01 for Windows (July 2018)

  • The trial version now runs for another 14 days even if it already expired before.
  • Bug Fix: CameraXXL now works correctly in Camera Raw 10.2 with German localization
  • Bug Fix: The preview was previously not updated in Camera 8.6 and older
  • Bug Fix: When starting up Photoshop Elements with a command line parameter, the CameraXXL controls previously did not show up on the Camera Raw dialog.

  • Installation:
    • The latest Adobe Camera Raw version is now automatically downloaded and installed in Photoshop Elements:
      • For Photoshop Elements 14, 15, 2018: Camera Raw 10.4 is installed (under Windows 7 and higher)
      • For Photoshop Elements 12/13: Camera Raw 9.2 is installed (under Windows 7 and higher)
      • For Photoshop Elements 11: Camera Raw 8.2 is installed.
    • Plugin Installer works again under Windows XP.
  • XMP Settings:
    • Bug Fix: CameraXXL now reads the xmp data that is embedded in DNG files and only reads external .xmp files if no embedded xmp data exists, like Camera Raw does.
    • Bug Fix: CameraXXL now only reads the xmp data that is embedded in JPEG, TIFF, PSD and PNG files and ignores external .xmp files, like Camera Raw does.
    • Bug Fix: Previously the xmp settings of the first opened image were sometimes not loaded by CameraXXL.
  • Dehaze:
    • Bug Fix: The Purple Amount and Green Amount sliders of the Defring feature previously allowed values larger than 20, which deativated the effect.
    • Photoshop Elements 12-14: A message is now displayed when trying to use the Dehaze feature with a Camera Raw version that does not support it. You get the recommendation to run the CameraXXL installation again in order to install a newer version of Camera Raw.
    • Photoshop Elements 11: The Dehaze feature is now deactivated in Photoshop Elements 11 and under Windows XP/Vista, because it does not work.
  • Cosmetic problems:
    • Bug Fix: The tab buttons were not correctly placed in Camera Raw 8.1 to 8.5
    • Bug Fix: The tab buttons were not correctly placed in Photoshop Elements 11/12 with a HiDPI screen
    • Bug Fix: The controls are now correctly placed and colored under Windows XP


Version 1.0 for Windows (July 2018)

  • First Release


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