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Meta Raw produces better quality files than Camera Raw from many of my Nikon NEF-files. That is especially true on photos of the Northern Lights, which are very difficult to process. But Meta Raw is excellent on other photos as well. I like the great tonal range, and the fact that the file can take lots of adjusting in Camera Raw without cracking up. It's a brilliant product and a great idea.

Bjørn Jørgensen,

New Raw Formats By Plug-in

The plug-in might be especially interesting for owners of the Creative Suite, who want to postpone the switchover to the Creative Cloud subscription ...

ct Magazin 15/2013

With the strategical shift to the cloud many Photoshop user will stay with their old Photoshop versions. This is problematic if one relies on raw support for ACR. But also camera owners, whose raw format is not supported by Adobe Camera RAW yet, and even Photoshop Elements users receive an interesting solution with the MetaRaw plugin.

The MetaRaw plugin gives users the ability to open a Raw file in Adobe Camera Raw (with access to more features for Elements users), to run it through Adobe DNG converter and open the results, without leaving the software (giving access to Raw support for more cameras than their version of ACR offers) ...

MetaRaw simplifies the processing of raw formats that are not supported by Photoshop. ... it is not mandatory to sign up for a Photoshop CC subscription just to be able to open raw formats of new cameras directly.

ct Magazin 17/2013

So in a nutshell, MetaRaw can make upgrades to newer versions of Photoshop and Elements unnecessary for photographers if access to new camera raw support is the only requirement. This is also a solution for Photoshop CS6 users, since Adobe has stopped making Camera Raw plugin updates available for it (why, we wonder?) ...

MetaRaw is a completely recommendable plug-in for users of "Camera Raw" of older Photoshop versions than CC. Especially the extension of the camera compatibility and the integrated raw converter are an additional value.

Better raw images for everyone


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