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ThePluginSite Panel

for Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC (2013)
(Windows & MacOS X)


ThePluginSite Panel is an extension for Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC (2013) and works under Windows and MacOS X. It does not work in CC 2014 and higher. It allows you to apply all Photoshop plugins created by The Plugin Site in a convenient way. It lets you add or remove the plugin effect to and from the image as well as duplicate, stamp or flatten the current layer before running a plugin.
It is freeware.

You can have a look at an interactive demo of the panel. The demo only demonstrates the UI of the panel, so clicking of the controls has no effect.

We also offer a more advanced commercial version called FilterHub, which supports all Photoshop plugins and also works in Photoshop 7 to CS3, CC 2014 and higher as well as Photoshop Elements.


  • Works in Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC under Windows and MacOS X. It does not work in CC 2014 and higher.
  • Applies all plugins of The Plugin Site conveniently from a panel.
  • Apply the last plugin effect without displaying a dialog
  • Use the brush tool to add or remove the plugin effect
  • Apply a plugin to the current layer, a duplicated version of it or a stamped layer, which is a merged copy of all visible layers.
  • Flatten all layers before applying a plugin.
  • It can be docked to the other panels in Photoshop as well as collapsed.
  • The panel is resizable. So making it bigger also enlarges the list box with the plugin names.
  • In the German version of Photoshop it displays a German UI
  • Visit by clicking the logo at the top


To install it double click the downloaded .mxp file and follow the installation instructions. Then run Photoshop and display the panel by choosing Window > Extensions > ThePluginSite from the menu. You can leave the panel floating or dock it to the other palettes by dragging it there.

How does it work?

At first you need to select a plugin from the list at the left. Then click on one of the four buttons at the right, or alternatively double click a plugin in the list to run it. There is also a combo box and a check box for determining to which layer the plugin will be applied. Here is an explanation of these features:

Run: Runs the selected plugin and displays the plugin dialog. This has the same effect as double clicking a plugin item in the list.

Repeat: If you already ran a plugin, it applies the plugin without showing a dialog. Otherwise the dialog will display.

Add: After you clicked the Add button, the plugin dialog appears. Choose your settings and press OK. Now you do not see the effect. You have to paint on the image to reveal the effect. The brush tool is already activated.

Remove: This button displays the dialog of the selected plugin. Choose your settings and press OK. To remove the effect from some areas of the image please paint on the image. The brush tool is already activated.

Apply to Layer: This combo box determines to which layer the plugin is applied. The 'Current' option applies the plugin to the currently selected layer. The 'Duplicated' option duplicates the selected layer and applies the plugin to it. The 'Stamped' option inserts a merged copy of all visible layers as a new layer and runs the plugin on it.

Flatten: If this check box is activated, all layers are combined before the selected plugin is applied.

Rescan: Click this box after you installed new plugin or plugin versions in order to make the panel recognize them. The plugin scanning process will take a few seconds. This button vanishes afterwards.

Logo: Click on the logo image at the top to display in your web browser.

Version History

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You can download the ThePluginSite Panel from our Download Center.



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