Plugins for Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, PSP & others


Version History


Version 1.50 (September 2012):

  • Very fast startup, because there is no plugin scanning anymore after the first launch. After you installed a new plugin or plugin version, please use the new Rescan button or "Rescan For New Plugins" menu item, otherwise you will not be able to use the new plugin.
  • Scanning for plugins is faster.
  • Support for ColorStyler
  • Support for the Photoshop CS6 dark UI
  • Double clicking a list item runs the appropriate plugin.

Version 1.07 (August 2011):

  • Support for NoiseControl for MacOS X
  • Only Windows Version 1.0, 1.01 and 2.02 of PhotoFreebies is supported.

Version 1.06 (May 2011):

  • Support for NoiseControl for Windows
  • Bug Fix: FocalBlade 2.01 for Windows is correctly executed.

Version 1.05 (February 2011):

  • Support for the latest plugin versions
  • Only Windows Version 2.01 of the PhotoFreebies is supported.
  • Harrys Filters 2 is not supported anymore.

Version 1.04 (September 2010):

  • Works in Photoshop CS5
  • Support for the latest plugin versions and versions that may be released in future.

Version 1.03 (January 2010):
  • Support for the latest plugin versions and versions that may be released in future.

Version 1.02 (November 2009):

  • Bug Fix: Photoshop CS4 does not crash anymore when using the panel while Edit > Preferences > Interface > Auto-Collapse Iconic Panels is active.
  • Bug Fix: There is no delay anymore when collapsing and displaying the panel again.
  • Bug Fix: Running B/W Styler with the Add and Remove buttons works again.
  • Two new items on the panel menu: The "About" menu item displays information about the panel including the version number. The "Visit The Plugin Site" item opens up your browser and displays
  • The panel still does not support some of the PhotoFreebies plugins on the Mac. We will probably only be able to fix this problem by releasing new versions of PhotoFreebies for Mac.

Version 1.01 (November 2009):

  • Supports all full versions and demo versions of PhotoWiz (except PhotoFreebies 1.0), Plugin Galaxy 2, HyperTyle and Harrys Filters.
  • It now needs a few seconds at start-up to search for available plugins.
  • An error message is displayed if a plugin is not installed.

Version 1.0 (September 2009):

  • Only supports the following Windows plugins: ColorWasher 2.04, FocalBlade 1.05, LightMachine 1.04, B/W Styler 1.02, ContrastMaster 1.02, Plugin Galaxy 2.0, HyperTyle 1.04, Harrys Filters 3.01 and PhotoFreebies 2.0.
  • Only supports the following Mac plugins: ColorWasher 2.01b, FocalBlade 1.0, LightMachine 1.0, B/W Styler 1.01, ContrastMaster 1.0, Plugin Galaxy 2.0 and PhotoFreebies 1.0 (only four of them).


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