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Commercial Lightroom Plugins

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Number of Companies/Developers: 21



External Editors (28)
Metadata Plugins (15)
Web Engine Plugins (17)
Export Plugins (27)
Other Plugins and Tools (24)


External Editors


  • Exposure: Recreate the look of traditional B/W and color films


  • Hydra: Create HDR images


  • DxO Optics Pro: Automatically correct distortion, vignetting, lack of sharpness, chromatic aberrations and colored fringes
  • DxO FilmPack: Recreate the magic of silver-halide films in their digital images


  • PTLens: Corrects lens pincushion/barrel distortion, chromatic aberration and vignetting


  • HDRInstant: Create HDR images from videos

Human Software

  • HSC Edit: Various image processing and effect modules: Depth of Field, Image Resizing, MagicFrames, DeNoise, FixLens, Grids, Smooth and Tone, Refocus and Toolbox


  • Portraiture: Selective smoothening in the skin tone areas of the image

nik Software

  • Color Efex Pro: Various filters, including Sunshine, Polarization, Skylight, Graduated Sky Blue, Solarization, and many more
  • Dfine: Noise and JPG artifacts reduction and detail enhancement
  • Silver Efex Pro: Create professional quality black and white images
  • Viveza: Selectively control color and light without the need for complicated selections or layer masks.
  • Sharpener Pro: Sharpening tools for images of any size and for any output/print process

Picture Code

  • Noise Ninja: Remove noise and grain from digital photographs and scanned film images.

OnOne Software

  • PhotoTools: 150 photographic effects
  • Photo Frame: Endless border effects

The Plugin Site (Windows only)

  • ColorWasher: Corrects the colors, the contrast and the exposure of photos with revolutionary algorithms and provides an arsenal of photo correction tools.
  • FocalBlade: Automatically sharpen photos for screen display and print, deblur them and also add blur, soft focus and glow effects.
  • LightMachine: Perform shadow/highlight, lighting and color-based corrections
  • B/W Styler: For B/W conversion, for creating traditional B/W effects and for enhancing B/W photos
  • ColorStyler: Adds photo effects, recreates traditional film effects and gives your photos a special style
  • ContrastMaster: For effective contrast enhancement as well as creating dramatic contrast looks, photorealistic paintings and HDR-like effects

Topaz Labs

  • Vivacity: Image scaling, noise reduction, JPG artifact removal and sharpening
  • Adjust: Redefining creative exposure
  • Simplify: Turn any regular photo into a masterpiece of art
  • DeNoise: Noise reduction plugin
  • Clean: Artistic effects like artistic detail removal and edge stylization
  • ReMask: Easily extract intricate image details
  • DeJPEG: Substantially increase JPEG image quality
  • Detail: Control the appearance and intensity of small, medium and large image details


Metadata Plugins

Robert Cole

  • DevAdjust: Relative Adjustments to Develop Settings.
  • DevMeta: Develop Settings Metadata for Library Filters & Smart Collections
  • XmpEdit: Replaced by DevAdjust
  • Keyword Consolidator: Analyzes keywords and detects duplicates and similarities
  • Exif Metadata: Supports exiftool output as custom metadata for library panel, filtering, and smart collections

Jeffrey Friedl

  • Metadata Viewer: View all metadata in a master image file
  • Metadata-Viewer Preset Builder
  • Megapixel Sort
  • Focal-length Sort

  • Exchange Duplicate Finder: Use EXIF data to find possible duplicates

Sean McCormack

  • LRB Releases: Adds Property Release and Model Release meta data information

Photographer's Toolbox .

  • Keyword Master: A keywording assistant
  • PLUS for Lightroom: Embed PLUS metadata into images as they are exported
  • Search Replace Transfer: Do bulk changes to text in Metadata Panel fields
  • Syncomatic: Sync metadata between images with the same filename but different extensions


Web Engine Plugins


  • HTML5/CSS3 Photo Portfolio
  • 3D Cube Gallery
  • Rotation Gallery
  • Curve Gallery
  • PageTurn 3D Gallery
  • Tile 3D Gallery
  • FotoFlow Gallery
  • Simple Gallery
  • Slide Gallery

Sean McCormack

  • LRB Exhibition: Create home, about, contact and general use pages, along with 6 galleries and 2 external links
  • LRB Portfolio: Turns Lightroom's gallery creator into a portfolio website

The Turning Gate

  • TTG Highslide Gallery
  • TTG Highslide Gallery Pro

Slideshow Pro

  • Slideshow Pro: Create Flash-based slideshows

Photographer's Toolbox

  • Impact: Create a full width image showcase.
  • Jigasawrus: A gallery for displaying a large number of images on the same page.
  • Elegance: Showcase a small collection of images.


Export Plugins


  • Export to Costco Photo Center (US)
  • Export to the MobileMe Gallery
  • Export to Photobox
  • Export to Snapfish

Blue Room Software

  • ImageArchiver: Export your images to Mac OS disk images, ISO disk images or platform-independent compressed files.

Allen Gambrell

  • Lr2PhotoCart: Export your images to your PhotoCart gallery.

Jeffrey Friedl

  • Export Plugin for Zenfolio
  • Export Plugin for SmugMug
  • Export Plugin for Flickr
  • Export Plugin for PicasaWeb
  • Export Plugin for Facebook
  • Export Plugin for Photobucket
  • Export Plugin for Expono
  • Export Plugin for KODAK Gallery
  • “Run Any Command”: Custom process each image during an export
  • Snapshot on Export: Develop-setting data backup, of sorts

  • Exchange Alamy Picture Manager: Export and manage your Alamy images, sales and metadata
  • Exchange Windows 7 Theme Exporter: Create Windows 7 slideshow themepacks

Sean McCormack

  • LR2Twitpic: Upload photos to Twitter via the photo hosting site Twitpic
  • Lr2TweetPhoto: Posts an image from Lightroom to TweetPhoto. You can also post the image link and message to at the same time.

Photographer's Toolbox

  • LR/GMail: Export images by sending them via a GMail account
  • FTP Publisher: Export images to an FTP server
  • LR/PhotoDeck: Export images to your PhotoDeck account.
  • LR/TreeExporter: Export images while preserving the folder hierarchy.
  • LR/Transporter: Import metadata from CSV files, modify metadata vales based on existing fields and export metadata in a user-specified file format
  • LR/Blog: Export images directly to a blog.
  • LR/Mogrify: Add watermarks, borders and text annotions to images as they are exported


Other Plugins and Tools

Robert Cole

  • Importer: For streamlined/customized importing and file copying and limited support for importing from camera models before officially supported by Lightroom proper.
  • TreeSync: Maintains source folder structure in the exported directory tree.
  • DevConvert: Convert PV2003 to PV2010
  • NxTooey: Assist in using Nikon's Capture NX2 in a Lightroom-centric workflow

Allen Gambrell

  • ProSelect to Lr: Import ProSelect selection, order, and effect information back into Lighroom for further editing

Image Notion

  • The PeopleAnnotator Suite: Automatically detect faces of people in the images of your archive. Even better, it detects the gender and mood of these people.

Jeffrey Friedl

  • GPS Support: Geoencoding, reverse geocodeing, image map links, etc.
  • GPS Proximity Search
  • PhotoSafe: Protect selected photos from accidental deletion
  • Folder Watch: Enhanced auto-importing
  • Data Plot: Plot of focal lengths used
  • Extended Search: Adds enhanced image-search capabilities
  • Preview-Cache Image Extraction Tool
  • Picasa Face-Data Import
  • Video-Asset Management

  • Jpeg2000 Reader: Make Lightroom work with Jpeg2000 images
  • Exchange Automatic Backup Cleaner: Remove old, unneeded catalog backups automatically
  • SoftProofing: Soft Proof your photos inside Lightroom

Photographer's Toolbox

  • Storyboarder: Create a “Storyboard” of images in a grid-like fashion.
  • Keyboard Tamer: Redefine most Lightroom keyboard shortcuts and assign shortcuts to functions that do not have one.
  • TPG Snapshotter: Creates snapshots of the current develop settings for all selected photos in a single step.
  • Locktastic: For marking locked files with a red label.

John Rellis

  • Any File: Import any type of file into a Lightroom 3 catalog and manage the files just like photos.


  • Photo-drop LR: Privately share photos with your clients, family and friends.


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