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AutoFX Ultimate

by Kay Michael Kuhnlein


Review Date: January 2016  



This review could also look like this: „Visit the website of, watch the sample images and read all the listed information.“ - FINISHED.

In contrast to this option I do rather invest some more work and I only hope that you prefer the more detailed version.

You are permitted to purchase the plugin Dream Suite Ultimate Gen2 as a bundle with 36 effects and presets, but you do not have to. The plugin is divided into different groups and you can buy them at very reasonable prices as modules. Not only can both purchase options can be used as plugins, but they also work as standalone versions.

As far as the installation on a windows 7 64bit system and the relation to Photoshop CS6 (Who needs the newer crap?) is concerned, there are no special notes necessary, everything worked properly.


The User Interface

You can hardly do anything wrong here, everything is clearly layed out.

If you choose >Select Preset you are allowed to highlight an effect in the new window on the left and on the right you can select one of the presets.

To the left the effects are listed and to the right the corresponding presets are offered.

You will also reach your destination this way.

Why no do it differently this time? Activate the desired effect via >Select AFX Module! This way the loaded image will instantly be processed and you won´t see another thumbnail before as shown above.


Settings for Effects

Settings for Surface

Settings for Mood

Settings for Lightning


If you do not want your effect to look like that of "Mr. Everyone", but to radiate a personal touch, then AutoFX provides this options for you with Dream Suite Ultimate Gen2. As you can see from the screenshots, you can riot around with Effects, Surface, Mood and Lightning.


Sample image with 4x5 frame

Up to now you could only see the sample image in the UI screenshot. It is time now to also present my fabulous artwork in full size with an effect attached.

4 x 5 Frame – Preset 014 – Artwork: Kay Michael Kuhnlein –

There was no change applied to this example, it was directly taken over.

Countless changes are realizable

The example above is meant to show you that it is no mistake to start with a preset. Each of the image objects shown here was shifted and two of the frame images were replaced by another image. In this case it is a blue variety of the first sample image.

The result of my endeavors – Artwork: Kay Michael Kuhnlein –

The image with the grey background displayed here could also have been created with Dream Suite Ultimate Gen2. As far as this example is concerned, Photoshop CS6 served as the tool. Almost all effects provide this enormous variety of shaping in order to exactly customize it. There is hardly any desire left.

You may probably have preferred the effect 4 x 5 Frame with another exsample image, but taste is a strange beast. Burger King is the favorite restaurant of one person, someone else may prefer McDonalds and the next one, as a vegan, does rather bite joyfully into a carrot. It is not very much different when exsample images are concerned, in this case I decided, so doesn´t it look great?


Still some short examples

Instamatic – Preset 14 – photographer: Silvia Kuhnlein –
Artwork: Kay Michael Kuhnlein –

Most effects work according to the same principle and offer you numerous settings for completely individual results.

The processing displayed here is already somewhat older, but I really do like it a lot. Let us view this image as an incitement for an successful cooperation between Dream Suite Ultimate Gen2 and Photoshop. You will find the Polaroid frame under the name Instamatic, all the other effects like enlightening of the background and dirt traces were created in Photoshop.

A striking thing are both adhesive tapes that make both images stick on the wallpaper. To my shame I have to admit that I have absolutely no idea where this effect results from. Neither is guessing a help.

The layers in Photoshop

But all the same, the best solution for a successful image is almost always the combination of plugin and Photoshop. On the other hand, without the Instamatic effect much more worktime would have accrued.

Film Strip – Preset 20 (without changes)

The Plugin offers a variety of different film strips that you can – whatever you may prefer at any time - adjust according to your imagination. For the following example I chose the effect Film Strip – Preset 20. As in the screenshot shown before the effect is displayed with the standard settings of the preset. You are now allowed to get going.

Film Strip – Preset 20 with extensive changes

The plugin worked successfully – photographer: Michael Bernigau –

I adjusted Preset 20 as follows: Each foto in the film strip was replaced by another image of the photo session. The complete film strip with the new fotos including shadows was shiftet to its final place. Yes, easy, but effective.


Graphic highlights in abundance

The Dream Suite Ultimate Gen2 Plugin still provides a huge variety of graphic effects with individual setting options which let a logo or other vector graphics become a real eyecatcher and all this in the accustomed easy manner.

Presets for the effect – Liguid Crystal

Liquid Crystal – Preset CrystalGold (Original Preset)

On the left-hand side you see the original image, a graphic created with Adobe Illustrator, placed in Photoshop. Then I successfully produced „precious gold“ from the graphic. What a pity that it only happened on my screen, I would rather have had it in reality!

Liquid Metal – Different presets – Artwork: Kay Michael Kuhnlein –

Metal Mixer – Preset Chrome1 – Artwork: Kay Michael Kuhnlein –

Two more examples and we have already come to the end of the review. In both cases again vector graphics served as the basic origin which got their look with the help of both effects. Different presets were used with the image Liquid Metal. As far as the Metal Mixer image is concerned only one preset was necessary. For this, all segments were masked one after the other before an object was created from them. Only thereafter it was processed with the plugin.

If this review wasn´t detailed enough for you and if you would like to know more, then I have a hint for you. Visit the manufacturer´s website There a fully working demo version is waiting for you to be downloaded. Have a good time with it.

Kay Michael Kuhnlein



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